Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 In Review - Feline Fury Series Coming to Town!

Feliz Navidad!!

Merry Christmas!  I Hope you all had a wonderful day.
I am not one to look at the past nor to shut the door on it either, but I will be a published author soon. In  the process of writing my first book, I’ve learned to scratch up memories and stretch my experiences in order to bat around create a good yarn story.
In review, 2015, has been a cat walk, a walk in the park, and a leap of faith all rolled into one big year.

My decision to break out on my own was scary, exciting and life changing.. Last January I pinned back my ears and  began my project, strutting and hissing with the confidence of a cat activating the lion mode. 


At the top of this  year, January 2015, on my blog, The Cat's Perspective of Reading, Writing, and Life, I exposed Chapter One of my  first book, of my new FELINE FURY SERIES - ACTIVATE LION MODE. I hoped to have this kitten on the shelf before my birthday on  April 21st


A feline blogger friend form Texas

I envisioned the process as a walk in the park, but instead it became the work of a demented cat.

A feline friend who just received the  news he had to do another rewrite.

My life became  scratching  out words, covering  them up, only to claw out different words and bury them as well.

Writing is scratching out words ‘til your claws bleed, covering them in sand, and then swatting at new words, and painfully killing them off, too. Judy had warned me,

My traveling editor, Tika, and I go over the storyline
writing is rewriting, but I pointed my tail skyward, twitched it, and strutted off.


Twelve months later my calloused  paws knead the pages of my manuscript as  my mind  treads imaginary waters.

But my story!! My story is incredible!  ACTIVATE LION MODE  carries a message for all young adults and cats with eight lives ahead of them.

“Living the life and  becoming independent is an honorable  goal, but not at the price of turning your tail  back on  those who love and care for you.”
My  message from my first book in the series FELINE FURY will change lives. I can see myself prancing down the cat walk as my fans, feline and human alike,  clap and howl as I present ACTIVATE LION MODE at each book  marking signing event.
In the meantime, as I wrap up the last chapters, Judy and I are on the road again, with seminars and engagements lined up. 
Please, mark your calendars.
Jan 5th- thru the 9th Judy will be presenting two seminars at the 28th Annual FMCA Western RV Rally In Indio, Ca.Part One, Have You Ever Thought About Writing? on Thursday January 7th and Part Two, What Makes a Good Story?  Saturday, January 9t.h.
Everyone loves Judy’s seminars. Even if you have attended her workshops before,  Judy is famous for  setting your inspiration on fire.  The seminars  are  free, and  if you are not registered to attend  the Rally in your RV, walk-in. Day passes are only $10.00.
The rally is not only an opportunity to attend Judy’s seminars, it offers a wealth of information about anything you want to know about the RVing  lifestyle.  The rally is the venue for all you cats friends on Facebook  and those of you who  have been following my blog,  The Cat's Perspective Of Reading, Writing, And Life . I  you want your caretakers to take the leap and live a life like mine, rich in the  freedom of being on  the road, an RV rally is packed with information and friendly folks who will gladly share their experiences and opinions.
After the rally you may want to hang out at the nearby The Fantasy Springs Casino  in Indio, California  and  to see The Temptations And The Four Tops perform on the 15th. Me? I want to see Tony Bennet on the 16th.
And finally, on January 23rd  I’m inviting everyone  to support the  grand opening, ribbon cutting, and first meeting of  The Diamond Valley Writers Guild at the Hemet Library  in Hemet, California on Saturday, January 23, 2016 – Chasing Your Creative Dream: Make 2016 The Year You Get Published!
I want to hear their speaker  myself, now that I am an almost  published author. The speaker?  Get motivated by  celebrity biographer and novelist, Raymond “Rusty” Strait, who has authored over 30 books.
That’s enough hair raising excitement  and caterwauling to ring in the New Year, don’t you think? In the meantime, don’t forget  to carry the message concerning our veterans into the new year and beyond.