Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Did you think I got et by a gator? No way folks. I have been trailing along  behind Judy at the campsites, making sure she leads the way. I have met so many creatures, well, I haven’t met them all but I have smelled their scents.
Like this gator in the Everglades. I don’t want to meet him. He crawled out of the water and laid in the Florida sun to get warm. And there’s water at everywhere - at every campground. Judy educated me. They lay in wait looking like a log, until some innocent little RV dog or cat comes sniffing along filled with curiosity and then they lunge out of the water and can  move thirty miles an hour. I think I can run faster than that  but I don’t want to find out. Judy told me she’s seen enough gators to last her lifetime.

The birds are big and abundant.

The ones in the cage are Tweetie-Bird and Birdy-Bird. They travel in Tika’s RV. I don’t understand why she’s  not infatuated by them like me.

From the Everglades we made our way down to the Keys. Our campsite in Tavanier was right on the water for only thirty-five dollars a night. All the campers sat out every night to watch the sun set.


I was only two blocks from the southernmost point of the continental United States. Where Judy is standing is only ninety miles to Cuba, so I was in the Rv parked two blocks away, 9.2 miles from Cuba. While I napped, Judy took the tour of Key West and snapped this photo of Ernest Hemingway’s house.

Circus life pays better than a writer’s profession. Check out The Ringling Bros Estate in Sarasota, Florida.

And finally Siesta Beach with fine, white, powdered sugar  sand.  We left here and headed inland,inching our way back to California. The hot humid weather is making me shed. I’ll miss the jungle atmosphere.