Friday, May 26, 2017

Live The Good Life _ Thank A Veteran!!

I cannot let this day go by without a word to all the men and women who have made it possible for a cat like me to live the good life. Not a day goes by that I don't send a message out to the universe,  stating my pride for my country  and my humble gratitude for all that I enjoy.

My life is charmed. I am a lucky cat that I don't live in a country who would not hesitate to list me as an ingredient in their dinner recipe.  Or, in a country who who would use my pelt to warm them on cold winter nights, never mind that I live in California. Or, in a country where my teeth  would be harvested for a king's necklace.

I am grateful I live in a country where I have freedom to express myself.
I have the freedom worship the cat Gods, if I so choose.

I can  dance in the street.
Our children are free to imagine.

I have the right to hunt and bear arms.

Please give thanks for the life we live and  to those men and  women who sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom to live ours..

God Bless the United States   Military.
Please check out Judy's ,The Masada Series  on Judy 's Author Page on Amazon
Please help the message in these books go  viral  and bring attention and  support to our veterans who are suffering. 

The Story Of A Service Dog And Her Wounded Marine Warrior

Every hour a veteran commits suicide.

Please tell a friend and carry the message

The Making Of A Service Dog

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Scratching Out Startling New Ideas, Pouncing On Amazing Beginnings, and Chasing Remarkable New Adventures.

Judy Howard  
Sportster The Cat

 This time of year represents new beginnings. A time to chase new ideas, sniff fresh catnip, and prowl for new adventures. Spring is when the world blooms with promise. 

I need a bigger basket!

I'm tired of squeezing into the same box, batting around the same toy, and sleeping in the same place. It’s time to hit the road, stretch my legs, and leap to new heights.

 Judy and I are climbing up the new proverbial  tree. We have decided to live full-time in our motor home. like the decision , the tree is high , the trunk might be slippery and  the climb may not  be an easy leap  over the fence. Others have gone before us, We will glean knowledge from their experiences. 
I have made a  promise to myself not to compare my possessions and accomplishments to those of my friends. Many of my cat friends, who live in monster, diesel pushing homes and sleep in three tiered kitty condos never dare to come outside.
They never smell the grass or roll around scratching their back on the  fresh clean dirt. Those cats never prowl or  catch the river’s wet scent or drink from the cool, fresh-flowing water. They’ve never felt the thrill of challenging a frog until it escaped, plopping into the deep, dark waters. And I’ll bet they’ve never watched, in wonder as   the fish dance their pirouettes in the stream’s secluded alcoves. For me, it is not been a good day until I finish it off, dozing to the wood pecker’s tapping, echoing rhythm.
From now on, I will measure my success against my own standards because success is not all of those things those plush-living cats own.
For me, success is about  experiencing  places and things that will make me grow and become more "Royal."

01-IMAG1685-001.jpgI will be more successful if get to know myself better. There's always room to grow. I already know what food I like, how high I can jump, and how fast I can run.  I live by my own set of rules. But if there is something I want, I will reach right out and snatch it, even if it means I have to take the dare and venture out further or jump higher than I ever have before.

I am not going to mew and moan about my restricted life, or the handicap of being born with no thumbs. I am already free. Sure I have to beg to go outside when the door is closed, or make it known that I want a treat, but at the end of the day when I scratch the bottom of the litter box, I  remind myself,  I am free to make  the choice  to stay or go. The freedom to choose is mine. I have met many a stray cat who, pushed their fears aside, followed their dream and seized the opportunity to do the impossible.
When I gaze out the window of the motor home and indulge the nature around me, the wide open spaces excite my senses and make my tail twitch. My creative juices flow.  I need enough space around me to allow my ideas, my curiosity and dreams to flourish.
Culinary School?

The road kill along the highways are images which remind me that living free, and climbing the tallest tree could have dangerous consequences. I have learned from my fallen comrades, not all lessons are easy ones.  

I will challenge the norm, tackling the difficult things first, and then the impossible ones. They take a little longer. And I am going to keep on believing in what I do. If I don’t trust myself to go down the right path, or follow the right scent, who will?
I will be scared because I am not going to follow the norm.  I want to be a constant learner. But I don’t have to be frightened if I   focus on the process not the outcome.
 So in the end, facing a new adventure, thrusting forward with a fresh start, and testing myself will allow me to do the impossible, not because it is easy but because it is hard … and scary…and exciting.

Sniffing out ideas, prowling for new adventures, new friends to scratch my belly …
I am on my way!!

Before you go, don't forget to check out my 
book, and Judy's books on Amazon!!

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Sportster the cat always envied the huge cats who lived the big life in the jungle until opportunity sends the motor home in which he travels veering into a roadside ditch. When strangers whisk away not only his Winnebago, but also his chauffeur, Judy, he is alarmed. However, once the dust settles, he purrs a happy tune as he discovers he is free! I He is in the wild. And he is in the Olympic Forest

ACTIVATE LION MODE is just what Sportster does as he spins this yarn in his own words. Living wild and free brings on encounters that he never imagined. The life he dreamed becomes an adventure full of bears, pit bulls, drugs and more. Sportster weaves this story of his incredible journey as only a coddled cat of leisure can do.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Sportster's Lost and Found Loves

Inspiration comes in all forms. It lies in those empty spaces between the wall and me, or above my reach, on the tree limb where the Cardinal sings his solo song.   Motivation follows only when Judy, my fans and new friends reinforce my belief that I am as special as I thought.  

Inspiration has struck me like the powerful force of a first love. It is sweet, and tender, and riveting. Right here in Tucson, Arizona.

I am introducing a teaser. Chapter One from  my brand new book.






Sportster The Cat

Ghostwriter – Judy Howard


As a young tom I lived on the streets. The thrill and curiosity from that dog eat cat existence still flows in my veins, like a latent drug.

 When I dream, it is of past exploits.  I’ve hissed and growled   at a German Shepherd   ten times my size.  I relive my visions of victory, out-witting a fat, bad cat who wanted to take over my territory. I kicked his butt, sent him high tailing it down the street. Back then when I was a younger cat, nothing scared me. I was King.

Today I want to be warm in the winter, cool in the summer and never see the shiny bottom of my food bowl.  But if I loiter too long  at  home  in the  stick house I share with Judy, my paws  itch and I begin to pace,  anxious to  prowl, eager to travel.  I imagine my rolling home, cruising from campground to campground, from town to town, and from state to state.  My tail quivers thinking of the excitement of the road, the lure of adventures, and it makes me purr.

 Judy loaded the last of the groceries into our motorhome while I paced with familiar anticipation. Another road trip. This time along The Mother Road, Route 66.

Perched on the dash, we pulled out at dawn, heading east, the sun, like a beacon on the horizon. I gazed at the still familiar sights as my home town rolled past the windshield.  Drained by the excitement and promise of adventure and lulled by the rhythm of the wheels, I drifted off to sleep.

A voice echoed in the darkness of my dreams   and her vision   floated like gossamer silk behind my eyelids.   Her voice –– the sound of her cat soul called to me.   “Hello my friend,” she said. I couldn’t move, frozen by the fear she might vanish. “Come home. I’ve been waiting for you for so long,” she said.

 My ears pricked, my eyes sprang open and I shook my head to shake loose her illusive image, but it remained like a siren’s call. I twitched my tail and gazed out at the passing landscape.

The motorhome tires hummed as Judy sang off key, accompanied by Faith Hill’s crystal voice. “Come home, come home ….There’s someone I’ve been missing ….  They could be the better half of me….”  I sniffed the air, catching a light airy scent, which aroused a musky, lustful memory.

The rainy night, kept me hunkered under the porch, watching the shining drops tap-tapping   as they sunk into the saturated ground. My tummy growled like the big black dog that lived on the corner. Earlier, I scrounged through leftover trash which scattered the street courtesy of a coyote who had tipped a trash can and strewn it across the asphalt as if it were a buffet table...  When he had finished a round bellied raw, smelling tabby picked through the scant remains   like the help after a wedding party. I held back, secluded,   too young to confront the fat orange cat.

After eating his fill he ambled down to the corner. He wasn’t afraid of the big black dog. Every trash day the scene played out like a long running play on Broadway. Before the charging, big black made it halfway down the drive, .I watched the seasoned Tabby swirl around with the agility of a dude half his size, fur spiked and spitting as Big Black skidded on his haunches, nails scraping the ground   for traction. Like a switch the dog’s tail tucked between his legs and he scrambled and tripped while Tabby swatted tuffs of fur from his rear and flung them into the air. Tabby was my hero.

I crept out from my hidey hole and moved onto the open street, sniffing through the   leftover pickings – a piece of toast and an empty tuna can.  Since my mom’s death,   I survived on bugs a few mice which I had been lucky enough to corner, so this was a feast.

 Desperation motivated me, not for myself, but for the   she-cat attacked by a dog several days ago. With Tabby’s example spurring me on, I sprung to her defense, clawing and biting her attacker, allowing enough time for her to escape. Her injuries prevented her from hunting, so I took her in.  

We shivered from the chilly dampness and curled up tighter for warmth. She purred herself to sleep, while I kept the vigil, and while her virgin scent intrigued me. She was so young and innocent.  I chirped a laugh to myself, I was just as virginal. I swished my tail back and forth at the memory.

This wasn’t the first time her vision had appeared.  Over the years her gentle chirping pounced   into my head. Like a wraith haunting a dark alley, my thoughts of her stirred up dirty and smelly longings. In my imaginings she moved like a cloud, the visions of her floating, fading in and out, grabbing ahold of me, making me want to spit and bite with desire. I had named her Arlene.


Sportster the cat always envied the huge cats who lived the big life in the jungle until opportunity sends the motorhome in which he travels veering into a roadside ditch. When strangers whisk away not only his Winnebago, but also his chauffer, Judy, he is alarmed. However, once the dust settles, he purrs a happy tune as he discovers he is free! I He is in the wild. And he is in the Olympic Forest

ACTIVATE LION MODE is just what Sportster does as he spins this yarn in his own words. Living wild and free brings on encounters that he never imagined. The life he dreamed becomes an adventure full of bears, pit bulls, drugs and more. Sportster weaves this story of his incredible journey as only a coddled cat of leisure can do.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Scratching Over 2016 and Uncovering 2017

2016 In Review

Feline Fury Series Came to your Amazon town in 2016!

Feliz Navidad!!

Merry Christmas!  I Hope you all had a wonderful day.
I am not one to look at the past nor to shut the door on it either, but I became a published author this year. During  the process of writing my first book, I learned to scratch up memories and stretch my experiences in order to bat around create a good yarn story.
In review, 2016, was a cat walk, a walk in the park, and a leap of faith all rolled into one big year.

My decision to break out on my own was scary, exciting and life changing, but  I pinned back my ears and  began my project, strutting and hissing with the confidence of a cat activating the lion mode. 


On my blog, The Cat's Perspective of Reading, Writing, and Life, I released a sample Chapter One  of  ACTIVATE LION MODE, the first book in my new FELINE FURY SERIES.  I put this kitten on the shelf this April 2016.



A feline blogger friend form Texas

When I first began writing on my own, I envisioned the process as a walk in the park, but instead it became the work of a demented cat.

A feline friend who just received the  news he had to do another rewrite.

My entire life became  scratching  out words, covering  them up, only to claw out different words and bury them as well.

Writing is scratching out words ‘til your claws bleed, covering them in sand, and then swatting at new words, and painfully killing them off, too. Judy had warned me,

My traveling editor, Tika, and I go over the storyline
writing is rewriting, but I pointed my tail skyward, twitched it, and strutted off.


For twelve months  my calloused  paws kneaded the pages of my manuscript and  my mind  trod over imaginary waters.

But now my story is incredible!  ACTIVATE LION MODE  carries a message for  young adults, adults and cats who have one or more lives ahead of them.

“Living the life and  becoming independent is an honorable  goal, but not at the price of turning your tail  back on  those who love and care for you.”

You will discover that the   message in  ACTIVATE LION MODE the first in the series FELINE FURY, And the book is changing  lives. After the book's release last year, my fans, feline and human alike,  clapped and howled as I   pranced  down the cat walk, presenting  ACTIVATE LION MODE at each book  marking signing event.
After I wrapped up 2016,  Judy and I hit  the road again. I am twitching my tail  with excitement to tell you about becoming a full time cat RVer. But that will have to wait. First you need to know about all the seminars  and engagements lined up.  Check out Judy's itinerary.  
Please, mark your calendars.

 In January Judy presented  two seminars at the 29th Annual FMCA Rally in Indio, Ca. Where is the Inspiration? and What Makes A Good Story? She also he sat on an Author Panel  for the Inland Empire California Writers Club at the Ovitt library in Ontario California. While staying at the The Golden Palms Village  in Hemet, Ca. she presented one of her most popular seminars, What Make A Good Story? January left little time for me.
 Judy’s seminars are well attended.. Even if you have gone to  her workshops before,  she is famous for  setting your inspiration on fire.  Her  seminars  are  free, and  if you are not registered to attend  the Rally in your RV, walk-ins are welcome. Day passes into the rally itself are only $10.00.
The rally is not only an opportunity to attend Judy’s seminars, it offers a wealth of information about anything you want to know about the RVing  lifestyle.  The Rally in the Valley is the venue for all you cat friends on Facebook  and those of you who  have been following my blog,  The Cat's Perspective Of Reading, Writing, And Life .
Take the leap of faith. Live a life like mine, purring rich in the  freedom of prowling  on  the road.  RV rallies are  packed with information and friendly folks who  gladly share their experiences and opinions.

  Mark your calendars for Rving and Writing events during the month of March. There are so many that  you'll be running around like a long tailed cat in a room full of rockers.
Below is information  for a Mini Writing Conference Judy will be  presenting in Chandler, Arizona. (Near Phoenix)

 But that's not all the  hair raising excitement  and caterwauling that's going on in this New Year!
When you finish in Chandler, you MUST  come to the Tucson Festival Books, one of the largest book fairs in the country.
Don't miss the TUCSON FESTIVAL OF BOOKS.! One of the largest book festivals!! I will be signing books at The Adult Fiction Author Pavilion on Sunday, March 12th, 10am to 12pm. Please stop by and say hello!!

The Presenting Author Schedule is live! View our offerings and make a personalized list of sessions you'd like to see. Ticketed events are identified with a small ticket icon in the upper right corner.

 If you love books, this is the place to be. Judy will have a limited number of copies of ACTIVATE LION MODE signed  with my paw print signature. These books will become collectibles when I climb to the top of the tree  as the top ranking cat author on Amazon. Here is just one of many reviews even thought the reader is giving all the credit to Judy!!

"Judy Howard has written a very charming novel with an amazing protagonist and narrator, Sportster the cat. I love the way the author gets inside the head of a cat, and Sportster thinks just the way I imagine a cat would think. I was right with him all the way, feeling all the emotions he felt. Along the way, the author gets in some interesting informational material about motorhome travel, microchipping pets and veterans' issues. But mostly it is a fun read--full of emotion, humor and heartwarming relationships. This novel will enchant cat lovers and everyone else."

And finally, you can't curl up and take a nap just yet. My friend, Johnny Cat is the son and the muse of , author  Deb Sanders will be presenting her seminar, Gold, Ghosts and Gravel Roads  at the The 2017 Escapade  March 19th - March 24th, also in Tucson.. Judy and I will be hanging out to co host the   AUTHORS ON THE ROAD  - Sharing  Writing, Wine, and iWsdom  Party.. Date and time to be announced.

 In the meantime, don’t forget  to carry the message concerning our veterans into the new year and beyond.




Saturday, June 11, 2016

Making Me Purr with Five Star Amazon Reviews

Five Star Amazon Reviews 
You make me purr!
Top Customer Reviews
By Bonnie on the Road on May 20, 2016Life is an amazing ride and Sportster is a great guide. He gently shows us that all who wander are not lost but are on a journey of understanding. Loved this easy warm read on a rainy day. Highly recommend this getaway read!
By susan anderson on May 29, 2016My 3rd book of reading from this Author. I had gotten to know Sporster through the other books. To follow him on this journey had me happy, sad, cheering, etc. Again, I had a hard time putting this book down until it was finished.Thank you again Judy for another good book. Give Sporster a hug for me.

By julie's dog house on May 21, 2016
Wow, a story you can't put down! Follow Sportster on an unexpected journey that brings out emotions you never expected. A captivating story that is full of sorrow, fun and laughter plus comfort. It keeps your attention and you can't wait to see what happens next. A recommended read for all! I haven't read a book like this in a very long time.

I became more nervous than   a long tailed cat in a roomful of rockers when
Judy hit the “publish” button. I prowled the hall and paced from window to window. I didn’t sleep. I felt like pulling my hair out but I am too pretty to do that. I must keep my distinguished, in control image.

Mom has been busy marketing and getting the word out to everyone about my book,  ACTIVATE LION MODE and her book, MASADA’S MISSION.  So busy   she is left my dish empty at times. Unacceptable. I don’t want to have to call SPCA, so please help her pass the word along about my book.

When I wrote the last chapter, the last paragraph, and the last line I asked Judy “What do I do now? “

 She is the experienced writer. My book is the fifth one she has published. She said, “Get used to the roller coaster ride,”   and she hit “Publish.” Then, she sat back, patted my head and started pounding out the words of her next book. I tried to push her away from the keyboard in order to check my sales ranking, but she wouldn’t budge.

So I am taking Judy’s advice, “Don’t focus on the sales. Poke your little pink nose in the air. Do something in the sand box, cover it and get out. (I’m not sure where I heard that.)Start plotting the storyline of your next book in The Feline Fury Series.”

She began spitting out the pages of her next book, which she’s keeping a secret, so I figured I would start twitching my tail, rubbing my head and sleeping on the ideas for our next adventure in The Feline Fury Series.

In six weeks, we head out on our 2016 Fall Book Tour. I will be meeting up all my human fans as well as my feline and canine peeps as we cruise down Route 66 to 

No, this is not Lincoln's Home, this is Judy's home where she grew up. It will be an historic landmark  when our books hit the New York Times Best Seller list!
This is Lincoln's Home
Judy’s hometown of Springfield, Illinois.  The Mother Road and the home of Abraham Lincoln will also be the setting of my next adventure in the Feline Fury Series.  What do you think will happen along this historic route? Who knows? I’m taking all suggestions.

In  anticipation of this trip, every time Judy carries something to the motorhome, I wait at the door hoping that she will take me next  I miss laying   on the motorhome’s dash and watching  the world go by. I want to prowl a campsite and investigate. Find the clues left by past visitors, their historic scents and maybe even a lingering footprint.

 So for now, send me your ideas. What could possibly happen to Judy and me on Route 66 before we reach Springfield, Illinois?









Saturday, May 7, 2016

It's Time For All Cool Cats To Scratch The Post!

Okay everyone. This is it. It’s time to scratch the post or hit the fence running.

My very first book in the Feline Fury Series is LIVE on Amazon.
 I am purring, chirping, whatever it takes for you to check out ACTIVATE LION MODE. 

To entice you, I am giving you a tidbit, a tiny treat, taken from the book.

The scene below takes place in a shelter where a kindhearted couple wants to adopt me. I had just  defended the honor of a bedraggled cellmate,  Miss Snow White, from a bad cat named Blackie.


“The girl turned her attention to me. “Look at this one. He’s beautiful. We could call him Mittens. See his white paws?” She stuck her finger through the chain link and I pushed my head against it, showing my desperation.

Mittens? What kind of name is that for a cat who lives in the wild and who just earned the title, King Of The Cage? Miss Not-So-White left the fence line and climbed into the large bed in the corner. Her kittens crawled around her, nudging and mewing.

 I turned back to Richard and the woman, now focused on me. “He’s so sweet. What do you think?” The woman looked up at Richard, pleading.

I glanced back at Miss Snow, whose honor I had just defended. Engrossed in mothering, she licked her charges as they fed. I swung my attention back to my potential rescuers, hissed, spat, and slammed my mitten paws against the floor. I hunched my back, shot my tail up straight, and growled. The girl jumped back as Richard said, “Oh my! He’s a wild one. I guess he’s not so sweet.”

Walking away, I lay back down by Miss Snow and her family. Miss Snow needed a home. I sensed Richard and his girl would take on the responsibility. Miss Snow had shown me the ropes and now I knew how to get out of here, but this was Miss Snow’s chance. Blackie sulked in the corner. I couldn’t leave her with him….”

So there you have it folks. Are you enticed? I know you will enjoy my story.  
Authors depend on please, when you finish, write a review.  

Sportster the cat had always envied the huge cats who lived the big life in the jungle until opportunity sends the motorhome in which he travels veering into a roadside ditch. When strangers whisk away not only his Winnebago, but also his chauffer, Judy he is alarmed. However, once the dust settles, he purrs a happy tune as he discovers he is free! I He is in the wild! And he is in the Olympic Forest!

ACTIVATE LION MODE is just what Sportster does as he spins this yarn in his own words. Living wild and free brings on encounters he never have imagined. The life he dreamed becomes an adventure full of bears, pit bulls, drugs and more. Sportster weaves this story of his incredible journey as only a coddled cat of leisure can do.