Sunday, April 21, 2019

The Magic Of Easter

I like bunnies,

I like Easter eggs.

And I like Easter.

This Easter is very special. It is my birthday!
 Mom and I share a birthday.

When I found my mom and she decided to keep me, she and her friends decided they needed to know when my birthday was. The veterinarian announced I was six weeks old, so they counted back from that blessed day that I arrived on Mom’s doorstep and Waa Laa!  It was Mom’s birthday, too!

 She laughed and agreed the cat Gods had endowed her with my presence, even though at the time she didn’t really like cats. But I changed that. Over the years I used my time and my feline patience to reveal to her the many mysteries and surprises of the universe which she had overlooked. I’ve enriched her life.

I’ve taught her to look up. The answers to life’s perplexities are not always right in front of you.  It is good to get outside, smell the breeze. It hints of things just around the bend. It sends you bird songs that you would never hear if you don’t leave your bed, your house, or your neighborhood.

I’ve taught her to seek out those dark and scary places and not be afraid. Oh, the delight when you meet someone new is worth facing your fears.  

Make everyday your ideal day! Stretch your senses. Reach for what only you believe is possible while others cling to their security.

You may think I sleep a lot. But dreaming is as important to the soul as food in your dish.

Yoga is good.

Dont' be afraid to ask for help.

Reach for the top!

Share your success!

And always, always, always!!! …………

     Believe in magic!!

The world is waiting for you! 
Explore! Discover! And experience life!

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