Monday, February 2, 2015

New Beginnings and New Memories

I can’t believe  January has slipped by without sharing  my fantastic life with you.
Time and memories. Never enough time, but never too many memories. So much happened in 2014, I find it difficult to catch my breath and begin a new year.

But no time to reminisce, only to look forward, since one month has already slipped out from under my paw. The future is racing around the bend, full blast.

I  share this news with only you, my fans. Please, don’t reveal this secret with Judy. My job title is no longer just,  co—author. I have appointed myself to a full time author. Since leaving our pet grooming shop, the hours at home began to leave me discontented. How could I retire, I'm too young? So one night while Judy slept, I sneaked into her office and began to spin my own tail tale. She has no clue. I still sleep all day, like cats do.

My story is going to be about living in the wild, of prowling, and freedom.  You won’t be able to quit pawing at it put it down.  Who hasn’t yearned to climb trees and hunt, be free, and  have no commitments?  You, too, will be sleeping all day when my book comes out, because you will be turning the pages  all night.
I am not sure what the title will be, but for now, I’m calling it simply, SPORTSTER’S ADVENTURES.  Below is the first paragraph.
My eyes sprang open and my hair stood on end. Judy’s scream joined the howls of the protesting motor home. As my body slammed against the windshield, screeching tires mixed with groaning metal and protesting fiberglass. Airborne, our sanctuary lurched off the road, like the birds I envied. The windshield, which had insulated me from the outside world, crammed painfully against my body. Jagged lines crawled and crunched across the once unobstructed view while branches, rocks, and dirt spewed up and pounded the varicose pattern until the glass security gave way.
As fun as my book is going to be, I don’t want any of you to forget why we all can laugh and chase catnip balls  enjoy life. Because our veterans have sacrificed so much, sometimes everything, for us we can live this privileged life. Please don’t forget them and their families.
And please, check out Shari Duval and  her organization, K9s For Warriors -STOP 22 . Her efforts to rescue our veterans and  bring awareness about the horrors of PTSD is non-stop. Help her to make miracles with her service dogs.
Every hour  22 veterans commit suicide.
And of course, don't forget, like the movie, American Sniper, Judy’s book, MASADA'S MARINE, also portrays the plight of our men and women coming home from the war.
Just like K9s For Warriors, Masada's Marine brings hope to our warriors and their families in the form of the big brown eyes of a service dog, named Masada.