Monday, May 25, 2015


This Memorial Day  is even more special than all of the  others I have experienced. I hope through my video I can express my patriotism and appreciation for my freedom,  and that I may  inspire  you  to remember it is not just about fireworks and  barbeques.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Sportster Thanks the U.S. MIlitary

As Memorial  Day approaches I  cannot let this week go by without a word to all the men and women who have made it possible for a cat like me to live the good life. Not a day goes by that I don't send a message out to the universe,  stating my pride for my country  and my humble gratitude for all that I enjoy.

My life is charmed. I am a lucky cat that I don't live in a country who would not hesitate to list me as an ingredient in their dinner recipe.  Or, in a country who  would use my pelt to warm them on cold winter nights, never mind that I live in California. Or, in a country where my teeth  would be harvested for a king's necklace.

I am grateful I live in a country where I have freedom to express myself.
I have the freedom worship the cat Gods, if I so choose.

I can  dance in the street.
Our children are free to imagine.

I have the right to hunt and bear arms.

Please give thanks for the life we live and  to those men and  women who sacrificed their lives to protect our freedom to live ours..

God Bless the United States   Military.
I hope I have done my part to honor our veterans. I have spent many hours assisting Judy  this past year and a half, as a co-author, researcher, interviewer, editor and publisher in order  to bring Judy's latest book, MASADA'S MARINE,  to the public's eye.

It is our hope the book's message will create a viral movement  to bring attention and  support to our veterans who are suffering.

Every hour a veteran commits suicide.

Please tell a friend and carry the message.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Honoring Our veterans and Their Families

In honor of our Veterans and their families on Memorial Day
 I am excited to announce  Judy and I  are offering
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Monday, May 11, 2015

The Challenge of Life


I struggle every day with life’s challenges.  We all do. I do.

I jumped off the couch last week and twisted my leg. How could that happen?  I am the creature known to jump off tall buildings and land on my feet. I am the one sneaks past death nine times. Is the limp of a hurting leg the beginning of number nine?

I don’t know. No one knows. Mom took me to see the vet who told her these things happen more often as I use up my time on earth. “The pain can last six weeks, or maybe six months. It is hard to tell,” he said, “I am only a doctor.” So much depends on attitude. Every cat is different.”

My mom cried. “I don’t want my Sportster to suffer,” she said.

The veterinarian ran his hand gently across my back, and I rubbed my nose against his palm. “Just make him comfortable,” he said. “Make sure he’s happy.”

I chuckled at the irony of his statement. Really? That’s what every cat demands.

I climbed off the cold steel exam table into Mom’s arms. We were done here. The vet handed Mom a brochure titled, “Recovery.”

“Take this home and study it, he said.

Mom chattered endlessly on the drive home about how I should take it easy and that she would tend to my every need. Didn’t she already do that?

She settled into our recliner and opened the pamphlet, reading aloud to me, “Recovery from an injury or a loss is about acceptance.”

 I limped over to her, and hopped clumsily onto her lap. She set the paper aside. “Oh Sportster!  You shouldn’t jump with your bad leg. I would have lifted you up.”

“No,” I said, but, too busy petting and cooing over me, she didn’t hear me. This treatment, I did not want. Feeling sorry for me made me want to hurl up my breakfast. Her attitude caused  me to feel older and more useless than I already did. I jumped from her lap to make a point. She was not going to tell me what to do. Ever. Even when I’m dying, which I was not.

I wanted my dignity back, but her sobs, pulled me back as I tried to walk away. I found myself back in her lap, purring, as she grabbed me up and hugged me. I am too old for this, I thought. I barely have the energy to take care of myself, let alone nurture her. My leg throbbed.

She took a deep breath and relaxed a little as I acquiesced and curled up in her lap. Picking up the brochure again, she continued. “Living is about accepting life on life’s terms.”  Yeah, sure I know that, I thought. I will accept my life even if I have to limp the rest of the way through the time I have left. Judy needs to realize the secret to recovery is accepting the process no matter how long or what the outcome. Limping is a part of living.

Dear, Cat God, “Please grant me and Judy the acceptance, to accept what we cannot change, and the courage to change what we can and the serenity to know the difference.”


Yesterday, on Mother's day I lost two hummingbird friends.  I first observed them as two tiny eggs, and then as a couple of wet scraggly beings,  striving  to be free of their small enclosure. I watched them  evolve into  feathered creatures who over flowed in their tiny nest because their mom flew and hovered endless hours  back and forth to raise them into brave little souls like herself.  Almost ready to fearlessly meet  their big new world, they succumbed to nature’s way when a big black bird, like a bomb, swept in and massacred  them.
 Mom still hovers over the shreds of nest that remain. On this Mother's day, as aching as her loss is, I know she will try again next year. That is nature’s way.





Friday, May 8, 2015


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I'm honoring my mom, Judy Howard,  this Mother's Day.  Because of her,  I am special. Not many cats have followed in my paw prints.

I experienced my first mother’s day May, 2005. I was eighteen days old and snuggling with my siblings and mom, who lived in a dirt cave behind the bushes that lined the golf course.  I only knew warmth, safety and a full belly. Life was good.

The weeks passed,I grew stronger, and my eyes opened.  I longed to venture out into the world but mom insisted I not go far.

When mom didn’t return from hunting mice on the golf course one night, I waited for her. My siblings cried. After several days my sister, the smallest, quit crying. Her silence prodded me to leave in search for mom.
I wandered the streets, hiding in shrubs when cars whizzed by, and scrambling up trees when the coyotes roamed the golf course. The cold desert nights made me shiver. I ate bugs and drank from the gutter. I was weary but could not stop to rest.

I must have dozed off when the man swept me up. Terrified, I squirmed but his big hands enclosed me like a cage.

That was the day my life changed. I met Judy. On that day I never dreamed  I would live the life I am living.  Ten mother’s days have passed. I know of no other cat who has walked in my paw prints.  This is a tribute to my mom.

Yes, the downside is that she is  a pet groomer. Baths are common and I complain a lot. But afterward I am soft, fluffy, and I smell like lavender.  have never had a flea.  
And she dresses me up. But I am a celebrity now. The demands as  co-author of Judy's first two books, my own blog, and my own book coming out this year are never ending.
Photo shoots are a necessity in marketing. We don't stay on the top limb without  a lot of caterwauling.

All in all, as I review my time with my mom, my life is full of adventure.

How many cats have considered kayaking? ...


... Or traveled across the country with their friends  Tweety Bird and Birdy Bird?

...or prayed on a mountain top?

Because of my mom, I have meditated along  the waters of Slidell, Louisiana.

 ... and researched the living habits of creatures my fellow felines have only known in their dreams.
And I have learned to look to the heavens . 
I've listened to my two  audio books ,COAST TO COAST WITH A CAT AND A GHOST  and GOING HOME WITH CAT AND A GHOST.
Thanks to you Judy Howard, I am the greatest cat in the world!!
So Mom,
This is for you.

I love you this much!!