Sunday, December 22, 2013


THE WRITINGS OF A WANDERING WIDOW: WRAPPING UP ANOTHER YEAR.: Happy Holidays to one and all!. Wow! Another year is wrapping up. One of my favorite things this time of the year is gathering  up th...

Saturday, December 14, 2013


I become contemplative this time of the year. Am I thinking of Santa Kitty’s visit? Perhaps, but, my musings go deeper. After all I am a cat and a co-author.

I won’t forget this time last year when the cat gods made me confront my tornado fears. Bunked down in Summerdale, Alabama at an RV park on Christmas Eve, no visions of toys stuffed with catnip danced in my head.  Sure, the motorhome was decked with holly and my stocking and Judy’s hung from the steering wheel with care,
  but our emergency bags, packed and stacked by the door waited quietly in case Santa Kitty rode in on a cloud...a tunnel cloud that is. I had checked my bag to assure my food and favorite toys were not forgotten while Judy stowed away other essentials in hers.


Judy was warm in her sweats in front of the TV as she watched and listened to the weathermen tracking the tornado. Radar technology searched the night sky that swarmed and coiled with angry air, prepared to strike, but who knew where? I worried that Santa Kitty would arrive with a clatter and seventy mile an hour winds.

Judy’s friend Vicki   planned our escape route. Vicki would load up Tika, her little dog, and her birds, Tweetie Bird and Birdy Bird and drive to our campsite. I had always kept a close eye on my friends.

Vicki  would pick us and our cherished belongings up, then speed to the campground’s club house that provided better shelter than our home on wheels.

Sometime deep in the night the tornado touched down.... in downtown Mobile, only thirty miles away.


The course of our lives.
Does a divine navigator take the wheel and determine our route? Are we are powerless? Or do we map out our own destinations…and suffer the potholes of our humble decisions? 

What do I know? I’m just a cat. On the outside my fur is soft and glistens in the sun.  My nose, like Rudolph’s, is bright, as if I can lead the way. My image?  I know I appear as the total package, a really cool cat. But inside? My beliefs?  I play it close to the paw, even Judy only guesses.

Because I sleep on the dash while we cover the miles to our next destination, Judy assumes I trust the process of life, that life will reveal itself. I do and it does. The day’s destination, whether it is a Walmart parking lot, an Elk’s club or an RV park with all the amenities, it is always worth the detours and flat tires along the way. I rejoice that our den on wheels offers new and exciting   smells and sights just beyond the door. Every day.

Do I choose the destination? I would like to think Judy, or someone, considers what I want to experience, like the White Sands of New Mexico, the willowy drapes of cypress in Alabama, or the fiery sunsets in Florida, Arizona and Wyoming.

I believe that we are always divinely guided and that we will always take the right turn of the road. I believe someone or something bigger and wiser than us will always make a way where there is no way.

So my friends and fans, with this rare bit of wisdom I share with you,  I will settle down for a long winter's nap.


Meow. Meow.
Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good night!!

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