Tuesday, December 25, 2012


My blood raced through my veins when I took in the sights at the Slidell Elks campground. It was wild with smells of craw fish and muddy waters.

I ventured close to the banks of the pond until the swamp grass tickled my ears, or was it the mosquitoes? I heard the cranes cry in the distance and the fish jumping in the bayou and maybe even my cougar ancestors screaming over the rustling saw grass.  The Spanish moss teased me as it swung from the limbs of the oak. I believe my roots are here.

I sat by the pond and imagined living the life of the wild creatures of the islands, prowling, parting the grass in search of a morsel for dinner. In my mind I swatted big bugs, leaped up with the fish flying from the ripples of the river and pounced upon the unsuspecting birds tip-toeing among the reeds. And when I finished and my belly full, I stretched out in the warm sunshine and slept.

In deep slumber I heard the dried grass crunch, crunch, crunch. Swish, swish like a tail sliding along behind something big, moving, crawling, creeping, nearer and nearer.  “ALLIGATOR!”
My eyes popped open. Just a dream. Time to move on, leave them behind.   My fantasies stir me until my paws twitch. Sometimes scary,  they fill me with adventurous feelings that make my breath  quicken and  and my tail switch.
 Tika investigated the area making sure we missed nothing before we moved on. It was time to invent and create new dreams - Alabama dreams.

In Alabama the campground was carpeted with oak leaves I loved to chase when they fluttered in the wind. The days were warm with spurts of rain. I watched Judy decorate our home and me for Christmas.

Alabama is great but I worried tonight as I listened to the sky boom and the winds rock our home while Judy fretted in front of the TV.  She played with me but she was not in a playful mood and always kept her eye on the TV screen. She assured me if the storm became too severe we would seek shelter in the brick club house. I was worried because she was, so I played with her to distract her.

It is quiet now. No more pounding on the roof.We made it through the storm. Mobile, Alabama did not fare so well.  

Monday, December 17, 2012


I didn’t say that. It’s a quote from Davy Crockett admonishing his constituents of Tennessee when they didn’t reelect him to congress, but I like Texas, too. I asked Judy to dig my hat out of storage, I want to fit in, tip my hat and say, “Hello, Y’all.”

Judy hasn’t expounded about all the sites she’s seen, so I will. We cruised into the town of Fort Stockton to visit the fort and discovered “The Sticker Bus.” There were stickers for everything. I wanted one that said, “Dogs drool, cats rule.” Judy said she’s not sticking that on our bumper.

While Judy toured the fort, I pondered about what else I might want to say on a sticker. Never did come up with a comment that would stick to a scratching post.

 Judy discovered that the Buffalo soldiers had been quartered at Fort Stockton before they transferred to Fort Hauchuca in Sierra Vista, Arizona over five hundred and fifty miles away. I thought that was far in a motor home, let alone on horseback!
Here are some other pics she didn’t share with you.
This is a restored drive in theater but not operating in San Antonio.
This picture is hard to make out but it’s Houston Space Center’s Mission Control. Remember some of those famous words spoken from there? “Houston, we have a problem here.”
The Saturn V. Huge! 
How about Alan B Shephard’s words?
“And when I first looked back at the Earth, standing on the moon, I cried.”
This is a restored Southern Pacific Depot in Hondo, TX.
I wish I’d been invited to lunch yesterday at Manny’s Shrimp Boat in Livingston.
 Judy raved about the shrimp and hush puppies. I tried not to think of my mom eating puppies, but as long as it’s not kittens…. She raved about the Cajun potato casserole with Pirogue Sauce.
When I consider all the places I’ve traveled and the people I’ve met. I am truly a lucky cat.
I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you about the Escapee Care Center here in the RV Park we are staying in now. It is the only RV Park in the country with an assisted care center run almost entirely by volunteers. There is not another campground with a care facility that caters only to RVers. If Judy becomes ill and has difficulty taking care of me and herself, we can come here and receive the care at no cost while we live in our motorhome.

So, as I peer out at the Texas sunset, which is nothing like California sunsets, I think about my life and wonder how I got so lucky.  But I know the answer. I’m a cat. We always land on our feet. With an attitude of gratitude, you can too.

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Monday, December 10, 2012


Judy has so much to do sightseeing, driving and all that she assigned the media task to me. If I remember correctly Judy left you in anticipation of visiting, Bisbee, Tombstone and Boothill. If I were to report the days' events from my point of view, it would only be I pondered the universe and its  relationship to me for hours in cat meditation until Judy returned from a full day of sightseeing.

Judy and Vicki arrived at Bisbee early and checked out the town.

She marveled at the architecture and visited with shop owners who recommended a great Mexican restaurant called Santiago’s for lunch which had great Chicken Mole.


 When she returned home I batted around a catnip toy, the result of her morning shopping. It was a nice bit of recreation to work out the kinks of the day’s heavy meditation.

Judy raved about Tombstone with its friendly residents and shop owners who charmed her with historical stories. Although we’ve toured “the town too tough to die” before, Judy never visited the “World’s Largest Rose Bush Tree,” sent from Scotland and planted in the spring of 1885 by the Macias family. The unbelievable pictures made my paws itch to climb through its myriad of branches.

 The adobe inn encompassing the patio where the Lady Banksia Rose Tree thrives was one of the first structures built in Tombstone. In 1935 the Macias family changed the name of the adobe structure from the Arcade to The Rose Tree Inn and has continually tended the rose bush for four generations. Every author who has visited Tombstone has found his or her way to the inn, not only for the fine accommodations, but to seek out Mrs. Macia’s vast knowledge of the area’s history.

That night we packed up for a day of traveling in the southwestern sunshine. Deming was our next stop at an SKP (Escapee) Park, Rovers Roost in Casa Grande, Arizona. The first night was free if we boondocked so Judy counted on me to keep her warm if the night turned too chilly. Vicki had a friend in the park who took us to dinner and in the morning we headed for Deming, New Mexico.

The Dream Catcher in Deming New Mexico was another SKP campground.

Judy related the time she passed through eight years ago on her initial trip to Florida. Recently widowed, she recalled their friendliness with an invitation to the potluck that night. Even though she was not an Escapee member at the time she was touched by their kindness.

Evidently it was just their way, because when she checked in this time, they offered free turkey soup, bread, and carrot cake. She returned to me that night with a contented smile from good food and good folks. She reminded me how traveling always introduced you to the nicest folks. She met a fellow at the dinner whom she met in Yuma in March. He was what we RVers call a snowbird, headed for San Diego to escape Michigan’s winter. The campground hosts talked of the rock hounding and loved the area so much they bought land in Deming. Judy says Rving is a great way to discover where you want to settle down when you retire. As a cat I have been retired all my life, that is why I don’t mind filling in like this for Judy when her schedule is too tight.



Bidding the friendly folk at the Dream Catcher goodbye we traveled our preferred two hundred miles and then began to search for a place to curl up for the night. After searching for a campground Judy discovered many had gone out of business, like the poor truck stop above, we finally pulled into The Mountain RV Park in Van Horn, Texas. *

 The new owners of the park Sharon, Sue and their timid dog Shila were accommodating and eager to make their new adventure during their retirement years a success.

After another beautiful sunset, morning found Tika and me discussing our route.

Tika informed me that she and Vicki wanted to stop at an SKP park in Pecos which would cause them to veer sixty miles from our planned route. I told her Judy and I decided to stay on schedule and we could meet up in Hondo Texas.

I sat for awhile reviewing our adventures and wondered what was in store next.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I am in Tombstone, Az. I will blog later but just had to all you bloggers that GOING HOME WITH A CAT AND A GHOST  is now live on Kindle an don it way to the best seller list! Check it out! I'll blog more tonight... gotta visit the "town to tough to die."