Tuesday, October 22, 2019

How To Live A Cat's Life.

How to live a cat's life.

There are two factions living in the world. Those who like cats and those who don’t.
A third group  does exist. Those who just can’t make up their minds about the qualities of a cats or the lack there of. These souls fall in the category with the squirrels. Our roads and highways are spattered with the remains of those critters who just couldn’t make up their minds.  

But if you are reading this then you are likely members of the first group and one of my followers, striving to achieve the noble, undaunted and royal characteristics of a cat’s life. Thus, you are not of such a weak-minded wishy-washy disposition as the third group.

I am addressing those of you in the first group, after all, I AM a cat.

Are you a part of the  growing percentage of folks who suffer from tension related illnesses and dissatisfaction with your lives, careers and relationships? If so, you could really benefit from learning the aspects of living a life like mine.

For example, I rarely question my identity. I am a cat that the universe has created.  I don’t want to change the fact that I have five toes when I meet a cat with six. I accept my white furry feet which makes me appear to be  child's doll wearing socks. I don’t envy the black cat whose coal-black fur glistens in the sun.

Of course, there are times when I wish I had thumbs or that I were a better communicator. But I don’t and I’m not. What happens when  I don’t accept who I am? My reaction is frustration, which takes me down a destructive path. Knocking items to the floor, howling in annoyance and hissing offers me only fleeting satisfaction.

Nursing doubts about my abilities as a cat creates stress. Tension has no place in my  life as a cat, nor should it have a place in yours.  So, what do I do?

I resort to meditation. No, I don’t gather around with other cats, close my eyes and go,  “Aaah hum” or “Namaste.” 

I remove myself from all the useless energy  that buzzes  in the city's air or the concrete campgrounds which are lined with the machinery made of things we have destroyed and molded into cocoons to make us feel safe.  I go outside. .

I explore in wonderment and curiosity  a world that is invisible because of the city lights and roaring rapids of the congested roads. Outside I can absorb the magical  power exuding from all things that are content to just be.

 I imagine  the impossible. The possibilities  excite me and make me believe anything and everything is within my reach.
You may attend your meditation classes, engulfed by the noisy hustle of  civilization,  but when  you reach out for understanding and serenity you are  like the prisoner who is lucky to have a window which  carries him  past his bars.  You are able to see  the freedom and the magic and you can imagine the possibilities, but until you find the courage to take the risk, put everything on the line and break out of your cell....

You cannot live the life of a cat. And you will not sleep with the deep knowing that  all you have to do is just be a cat.