Thursday, April 21, 2016

Birthdays, Mario Andretti, and Feline Fury

Happy birthday, mom. I know you have been busy with your Mario Andretti Racing experience  and  overwhelmed with  all of your birthday wishes.

But just to remind you,  it is also MY birthday today. Right from the scratching post, I want to thank all of you, my adoring fans, who have sent me greetings. I may be just an old Tom, but I   can still cat around if the desire arises. 

I was not going to bring it up but  I  am twitching my tail over the latest development in my life. Lately a particular feline fan has been purring and prowling Judy’s face book page. So much so that  Judy became irritated because I am  always on messenger moaning and growling day and night. She insisted I get my own Facebook page, Sportster The Cat.

I met this gorgeous feline as a kitten prowling the streets, long ago, before I became the famous, Sportster the Cat.  I promised her I would  keep her identity a secret because she does not want to be hounded by  my admirers and news reporters, but I will call her Annabelle, same as the character in my new book, ACTIVATE LION MODE.

She told me that after I disappeared all those years ago,  she searched every tree, every bush looking for me and finally had to give up. She told me  since then, she  has thought of me often. Now we have been reminiscing about what we had and how the years  have gone by. She has made a life for herself and I have too -- lives far apart  that do not include one another.
All I know is she lives somewhere on the famous mother road, Route 66. Can you believe it? I can't believe it is happening to me!  Judy and I are driving Route 66 this year, from our home in Sun City, California all the way to Judy's  home town of  Springfield, Illinois. I am planning the trip now.  I will find Annabelle.

In the meantime, I will be ready for her, when we meet. I will work out and get in shape. I have a lot of time to make up for when I see her again. Nothing's going to get by this old Tom ever again.

But I am a cat of many moods and one thing I have learned is that life goes on, so “Don’t blink”, as Kenny Chesney sings in his hit country song,  “Life goes faster than you think…” I am fortunate. I have nine lives, I have a lot of time.  But for you humans out there,  grab the catnip mouse while you still can.


And don’t forget to watch for my first book in the FELINE FURY SERIES, titled,

  ACTIVATE LION MODE and Judy's latest book, MASADA'S MISSION.
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