Monday, September 2, 2019

It's not just about celebrating Labor Day!

I've been remiss in my communication. August has been a busy month celebrating  National Friendship Day on Aug 4th. This is Tad at Gardner's RV and Sales in Kalispell, Montana and he is my newest friend.  He shared stories with me about his two  Montana kitties, Lewis and Clark. He's a really cool guy who kept me entertained while his expert team  installed our new refrigerator in The Big Story. 
Did you know The Universal Birthday for Shelter Dogs Day (not cats. Hmm?) and Spiderman Day share August 1st ?  I didn't find a spider that day but I shared  a few moments with  this "catty" pillar.

Work Like A Dog Day? Who celebrates that?  Not me! I would never! 

 National Cat Day passed me by! I’m certain if I’d remembered to remind you all out there in Fan Land that you would have showered me with good wishes, and great reviews like these. Some of you readers were confused as to who should get the credits so I scratched out Judy's name...just so you know.

Judy Howard Sportster has written a very charming novel with an amazing protagonist and narrator, Sportster the cat. I love the way the author gets inside the head of a cat, and Sportster thinks just the way I imagine a cat would think. I was right with him all the way, feeling all the emotions he felt. Along the way, the author gets in some interesting informational material about motorhome travel, microchipping pets and veterans' issues. But mostly it is a fun read--full of emotion, humor and heartwarming relationships. This novel will enchant cat lovers and everyone else.”

“It is now 3:19 a.m. I just finished reading and rejoicing at the reunion of Sportster with his “Judy”. The adventures of Sportster are the stuff of movies! Brava, Judy Howard Sportster! You nailed it again!”

“Enjoyed reading this book very much. It brought out many different emotions. It's an Adventurous, fun, emotional read. Couldn't put it down! I found myself crying, hoping and cheering for the characters in the book. I shared part of the story with my daughter, in hopes of educating her to the world around us! I can't wait to read what Sportsters next adventures will be!”

National Book Lovers Day – the 9th passed me by as well although I didn’t miss out on  National Lazy Day –the 10th, and Chant At The Moon Day – the15th.

 If you missed National Lazy Day on the 10th I hope you had a chance to enjoy National Relaxation Day on the 15th.

 National Black Cat Appreciation Day on the 17th is against my philosophy to celebrate because I don’t see colors. We are all 50 shades of grey. Meow!!

By Judy Howard
By Sportster The Cat
Like the timeless classics movies Lion King and Lassie, ACTIVATE LION MODE weaves a tale of an adventurous cat with the badass name of Sportster.
Author Judy Howard reaches adults and young adults alike as she steps aside and gives Sportster the Cat free reign to narrate his story whose universal theme is the desire to live free. Sportster relates his adventures with a candid, confidence, that can only come from a cat’s point of view. 
As always, Howard addresses the current serious issues facing not only our youth but also our society’s moral structure.
Follow along as Sportster activates lion mode and learns to live on his own, in the wild, while discovering what is really important in life. Sportster tells his story in this page-turner expertly as only a coddled cat could do.

Happy hunting!
Be safe in your prowling!!