Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Tips and Egg Rolling

Many folks seek out their church of choice to celebrate Easter’s concept of hope and new life where once only darkness existed. At least that is my take on the holiday. Me?  I never attend church.

I energize my spirit by watching the birds splash in a puddle, or by inhaling the fresh sweet breeze rustling in the trees. Did you know my mom was born on Easter? I think maybe she embraces   a deep insight about this holiday even though she jokes that   the Easter Bunny mistook her for an egg.

If Easter is a special day, I imagine it is because the holiday is a   celebration of what spring represents.  The season is nature’s reward for those, who held on to their faith throughout the dark winter, that all would be provided.

The afterlife is of no concern to me, since I have nine lives to live. In addition, I live in the present, a concept in which others struggle. My philosophy allows me to be free and enjoy my life.  In order to help you celebrated I would like to pass on  an Easter decorating tip and  a game the entire family can play.


Aren’t these peeps the cutest?   All you have to do is rinse out and  save those eggs shells  from breakfast and then grab a cotton ball  and glue it to the inside of the shell. Next make the cut out for the eyes and nose, color it, and glue it on the cotton ball.
This morning I discovered several of these peeps   in my Easter Basket. I can’t wait to bat them around, hide them and watch Judy look for them.

I am excited to introduce to everyone a new Easter tradition, Easter Egg Rolling. Judy explained that   every Easter her family gathered in the typically, large kitchen of her grandmother’s house. Everyone, -adults and children, family and friends - brought their personalized eggs, which they had painstakingly decorated. They often brought extras because the competition could become fierce. I suggest you do the same.
Rolling Easter eggs requires decorated, hard-boiled eggs. This year, as the quality control expert, I assisted Judy in the process of boiling and dying the eggs.
1.      Place the Easter Egg Ramp on a smooth surfaced floor. Judy’s grandmother’s kitchen floors was linoleum.  A concrete patio is perfect. 
2.      Place your beautiful, prize winning decorated egg at the top of the ramp and let go.
3.      Watch the egg wobble down the ramp, veer off, either to the left or the right, and come to a stop. Exciting so far right? 
When I watch this game, I can hardly contain myself from jumping up and batting the egg.  If you are the first inline to roll your egg, you have nothing to worry about.
4.      Here’s where it gets more exiting. The next person to roll his or her egg will be aiming for your egg.
5.      If any of the players’ eggs hits your egg, you have to pay him the required fee. The fee in grandmother’s kitchen was a penny. I think the fee should be raised to twenty-five cents.
What happens when your egg is hits  another? If hit hard enough, it will develop a dent, thus impairing it rolling speed and distance.  As the game progresses, the dented eggs stops closer to the ramp, increasing the odds of being hit. Sometimes there are so many dents, it stops at the end of the ramp. Time for that spare egg you brought.
That’s the new, inexpensive family tradition I want to see go viral. I can visualize this game being called Christmas Egg Rolling and Halloween Egg Rolling.  For those of you who are against exposing your children to violence, let’s replace that Piñata. When playing Birthday Egg Rolling, the fees could be treats instead of money.

There you go ,my peeps.  Stay tuned for video from the 2016 Easter Egg Rolling completion. I will be hanging  around with my friends who will be competing against me.  I’m studying their moves and psyching them out . If anyone wants to order a ramp or get the specs to  make their own, contact me.
Contact  me.  


Have a Happy Easter! Happy Spring!, Happy Life!!
Stay tuned for egg rolling videos.







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