Sunday, May 27, 2012


For starters, let me introduce myself to those of you who have not had the privilege to meet me in Judy’s book, COAT TO COAST WITH A CAT AND A GHOST. I am a domestic short haired cat but some say I might have Bengal genes in my blood. As in the world of humans, we felines like to brag about our ancestry too, and I tend to sit a little taller when Judy discusses the possibility of my wild heritage.

I am a prosperous cat, able to afford two homes. One home, although it is stationary, I would not identify as my main residence, because I also spend large blocks of time in our second home that moves which Judy calls The Wizard of Winnebago. Photos of Judy, me and The Wizard can be found on the back cover her first book.

Since Judy’s time has become limited, she has allowed me to write this blog so we can keep in touch with our readers. I am always eager to help out when I can. And I am excited too, because I will be able to communicate with my fans. I do have a large following that is growing daily.

I got my start with Judy at her pet grooming salon, The Canine Beauty Salon. My mother had disappeared one day when I wandered too far from her side. I roamed the hot sidewalks of Sun City for several days looking for her, always hiding from everything that moved. I guess I must have just got dizzy from thirst and hunger making it easy for the man to sweep me up and take me to Judy. He had wanted to take me to jail, but Judy relieved him of the task assuring him she would find me a good home. All I remember from those first days was that the water was sweet and cold and I gobbled food until my belly ached. At first all I did was roll on the floor in piles of hair and chase tuffs of fur floating in the breeze. It didn’t take long to realize I could upgrade my toys to the hairy customers that Judy tended to on her table. Soon Judy began arranging playtime with select customers that I trained in “Kitten Play – 101.”

Judy was my first pick from all the people who came and went at the grooming shop. But I learned quickly how to work the flux of people with their pets. When I tired from play and the constant doting of the patrons, I collapsed onto a pile of colorful bows Judy kept in a drawer.

That is how I started out. But look at me now. I am older and my responsibilities are endless. I still assist Judy at the grooming shop, but my job of equal importance is co-author. I give technical and emotional support to Judy for her second book, GOING HOME WITH A CAT AND A GHOST. Yes I am in the second one too. We are spending most of our summer in our stick house as we wrap up the story and publish it.

But we have one more trip to do. We will be attending the Santa Barbara Writers Conference. Judy will spend most of her time networking and honing her craft for six days straight, and although I am not allowed to attend these kinds of functions, Judy always fills me in when she gets home. One reason I love Judy so much is that she includes me in everything. She turned down the room at the Hyatt and chose to stay in The Wizard, so we could at least have our evenings together.

I hope you visit often and drop words of encouragement.

It has been nice meeting you.

Sportster the cat.