Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Revealing Interview With Author , Sportster the Cat

Sportster, your fans are excited that you have agreed to do this interview and I am honored and privileged to be a part of it. I am happy that we can finally bring some of the fans’ questions to light.

You are such a handsome and patriotic feline. And because it is my job to field your fan mail, I know there are many she-cats out there in Face Book land who love you. The question I am asked most often is what breed of cat are you?

 Well, Mom, I mean Judy, you’re right. I do have a lot of fans. My blog, The Cat’s Perspective of Reading, Writing and Life, has thousands of followers and they all have helped to solve that mystery.

Judy: Really?

Yes, they have scratched through hundreds of photos in cat books, blogs, tweets and Pinterest and have made a decision.  I am a Bengal. 

 That is exciting!  From my research, Bengals are known for their talkative and loving nature. But they can be very naughty if you ignore them too much. That certainly describes you, Sportster.

Sportster: I detest being ignored. There is no excuse for that
Judy: Sometimes I get  very …..

Sportster: It’s inexcusable.

Judy: Okay, let’s move on. There are plenty more  secrets your  readers want to know about you. The next common curiosity most people have about you is they want to know how long you have been writing and what motivated you to pursue such a lofty endeavor?

Sportster:  I began writing in 2015. You had just finished your third book, MASADA’S MARINE, and you were making noises  about never writing again because the subject matter had been so emotional for you.  So, I jumped at the chance to play with the keyboard. If you remember, you were always chasing me away from the computer. You came very near to crushing my creativity. Why did you do that? Were you afraid of a little completion?

Judy: No, I….

Sportster: You’re always telling me what to do. In fact….

Judy: Sportster, please. Let’s move on. Quit twitching your tail.  Your readers want to know, what motivates you?

Sportster: As if you had ever bothered to ask.
I have things to say.  I think about “What if?”  I watch people, always running around and missing out on the important signs in life. 
People need to learn how to slow down and appreciate the simplicity of a twisty tie or a rubber band.
Everyone needs to be more practical. For me, I examine all the angles before I leap. And I try to keep my life simple.
 If my presence upsets you, I don’t feel compelled to cow to your issues, nor do i feel it is  my obligation to do so, although I will allow you your own space.
 People need to treat each other with the same respect that  the philosophy live and let live suggests. 
Don't get me wrong. I will not tolerate bullying behavior. I will defend myself.
Live and let live. That’s my motto.

Judy: But your book is called ACTIVATE LION MODE.  Many would argue that the title certainly does not suggest “Live and Let Live.”

Sportster: Of course it does.  That’s exactly why I wrote the book, because folks have lost the ability of reasoning and common sense. Do you know what common sense is?

Judy: Of course I do. Wikipedia describes common sense as sound practical judgment concerning everyday matters, or a basic ability to perceiveunderstand, and judge what is common to nearly all people.

Sportster: I create frightful occurrences in my story line, which make for a page turning book. At the same time these tragedies have a universality  and are becoming common scenarios in this complex world in which we live. I want my readers to realize how easily these real misfortunes could happen to them. 

Judy: I am not sure I understand.

Sportster: For an example, every time you poured milk into my bowl, I became aware of the hundreds of children’s photos on the milk cartons. Common sense should set off the alarms that the multitude of missing children on those cartons might be related to something bigger, like human trafficking, which has become a crime larger and uglier than drugs. But instead,  even after staring at the photos day in and day out, the American public believes  it only happens to other families in other countries.
No common sense.

Another example. I never discuss politics. I do not watch the news. I am only a cat. But I knew four months before the election, without a doubt, that Donald Trump was going to become our next President.

As you and I drove east from California across the country on Route 66, we saw Trump’s face a thousand times a day, on every poster, in every yard, in every town and in every state from Arizona to Illinois.If anyone took the time and effort to look, they would not have been surprised.
Common sense. 
Many folks  have lost the ability for common sense. They invest their trust in others, allowing people they do not even know to tell them what is real and how to react.  No one is curious enough  to take the time, to go on the prowl and sniff out their own territory. They won’t   jump over the fence and get to know their neighbor, or scratch away the dried leaves to discover the stability of the ground they’re standing upon.
Common sense. Examine the angles before you leap. 

Judy: These are all serious and stressful subjects to think about. Let's pounce on a lighter subject as you would say.  Would you like to share with your readers some of your hobbies, what do you do for fun?

My favorite things are smelling all the varieties of flowers I have discovered. And even though it is very scary, I find it thrilling to meet the different forms of  wildlife. I love exploring the vastness and uniqueness of nature and can not wish for a better life style.                                   
The creatures whom I meet and the campgrounds which I have prowled make life amazing  and inspirational. All are  great tidbits for my next novel.

 And thank you, Mom, for being my publicist. You have captured what my life is like in these photos.

Judy:  You are an incredible cat, Sportster and quite insightful.  I want to thank you for being so candid with me and your readers.  It is great to have you in my life.
I want to close this interview with one more question which everyone has been asking me. Since I released my latest book, THE GRIEVING GIFT, An Autobiographical Novel, your readers want to know if an autobiographical novel might be perking in your head as you take your long afternoon naps?  Everyone is curious about your extraordinary life.

Sportster: I have thought about it as I dig around in my litter box. That’s where I do my best thinking. If I did, it would be a series, since I have already lived a few of my nine lives.

Judy: There you are folks. I hope you have enjoyed Sportster’s very first interview.

 Don’t forget to check out his debut novel on Amazon, ACTIVATE LION MODE. 

By Judy Howard
By Sportster The Cat
Like the timeless classics movies Lion King and Lassie, ACTIVATE LION MODE weaves a tale of an adventurous cat with the badass name of Sportster.
Author Judy Howard reaches adults and young adults alike as she steps aside and gives Sportster the Cat free reign to narrate his story whose universal theme is the desire to live free. Sportster relates his adventures with a candid, confidence, that can only come from a cat’s point of view. 
As always, Howard addresses the current serious issues facing not only our youth but also our society’s moral structure.
Follow along as Sportster activates lion mode and learns to live on his own, in the wild, while discovering what is really important in life. Sportster tells his story in this page-turner expertly as only a coddled cat could do.