Monday, March 17, 2014


I have been away from home since Thursday. Before I left  for Tuscon, Arizona I worked  long hours at the Canine Beauty Salon, my mom's pet grooming salon. You might wonder about my position there, and my duties, after all,  the name does not refer to the feline species.
 I am a silent partner. The public  is not aware of my importance to the operation.
Many of the clients think I am  only a fluffy kitten but it is not the case.
My most important function is to greet the clients in the reception area. I have distracted many a nervous pooch who came in shivering at the thought of his  bath. Granted, I don't like my bath either, but a slinking cat slinking  is enough to take the dog's  mind off the inevitable  event and hope perhaps he   might  enjoy one more  cat chasing thrill.
You would be surprised. It is the owners who need the diversion more than their pets. I do not  understood the separation issue. Of course, I play the  lonely card very well when Judy returns home after  she has left me alone all day. I meow alot and rub up against her leg her computer, her chair, everything.She believes I missed her, and that is all that matters.
I have trained the staff  in the awareness of my irreplaceable position so they are diligent, keeping me satisfied with treats  throughout my shift.
You can imagine with such a high powered job I was eager to hit the road.  We spent our first night on BLM land outside of Quartzite, Az.  and watched the sun go down.
Most of the desert surrounding Quartzite, Az. is unimproved  land   managed by the government allowing free camping. As we  passed by Hasslers RV Park on Main St. Judy wondered if the owner had created any new sculptures since we had been there in January. Remember these?
I heard Judy tell someone how much she likes her solar panels and the money she's saved already. She explained  the money  was going into a kitty? She'd better not be thinking what I'm thinking!! There will only one cat in this motor home!
We arrived at the Pima Fairgrounds in Tuscon  early enough to stroll around  the campsite a bit after Judyvisited another author friend staying at the campgrounds, Nick Russell of The Gypsy RV Journal . When the sun went down we cuddled up in bed with a good book by B. K Gore, A Matter of Honor by Brian Gore. Judy had a big day ahead of her.
I spent the next two days  in the parking lot at The Tucson Festival Of Books while Judy  participated as a volunteer the first day, and  did a book signing the following afternoon.  Check out Judy's Blog, The Writings Of A Wandering Widow, to catch up on her adventures...too many for me.
The weekend is finished and we are now enjoying some down time at the Rovers Roost and Escapee Park in Casa Grande, Az

Don't let anything stand in your way. Nothing is impossible. I wonder what is on the other side of this block wall. It goes on forever.


I think I can do it.I know I can do it.

Oohrah! I did it!