Thursday, August 1, 2019


Do you have unusual friends, one who represents a way of living and a cultural lifestyle different
from yours?  They are like international friends.

 During my travels I’ve made many friends. Although few reside in a different country, I believe they qualify as international friends because of our differences.

International Friendship Day was founded to encourage us to get to know others who have different ideas, lifestyles and even languages.

As a kitten I went to work with my mom every day at her   dog grooming salon. Like all youngsters, I saw the dog customers only as perspective playmates.

We didn't speak the same language and I was different and smarter, but it didn't matter. I only wanted a friend to play with.

Tika became my first International RV friend. Tika was a Miniature Pinscher who traveled with her mom, Vicki Andreotti, in their own motorhome while I traveled with my mom in our motorhome. I am watching Tika sniff out things that she liked to eat, and that was about everything – sticks and seashells and even   dead things. International friends eat strange things.

Tika’s and her mom also traveled with a Canary and a Cockatiel, Tweety Bird and Birdy Bird. I never understood why Tika paid her international friends no mind. I was intrigued. Their language was hypnotizing.

This is Dahlia, a Golden Retriever who traveled with Mom’s friend Julie April.  Dahlia was going to grow up and become a Service Dog for a veteran.  I think she intentionally failed her final exam, not because she didn’t like veterans, in fact she liked everyone. I know because I took the time to get to know her.  She blew off the exams because she didn’t want to leave Julie.

In taking time to know others who do things that are strange from my viewpoint, I am able to put aside my  fears  and know they mean  no harm …..
                 well, except the alligators. Respect the alligators.

Get to know your International Friends and let them get to know you. Your fears will fade along with theirs for you. 
Respect those who are different....

or bigger …
or stronger...
             or prettier …. 

What ever you do, widen your horizons. Make International Friendship Day  the best ever!

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