Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Walk On The Wild Side

We all have our idols, the ones we look up to, the ones we strive to follow in their path.

For me it is Kira, who lives at The Walk On The Wild Side  at the Portland animal refuge. When Judy showed me her picture I fell in love like an old man lusting after a young model strutting down the cat walk. No matter I am nine years old and getting long in the tooth. No matter  Kira has the advantage of youth, strength, killer energy and wildness.  I am sure I could show her the ways of domestication.

Judy warned me that Kira  is a free spirit from another world  and her ways are not ours, that she dreams of dangerous and exotic pastures.

 I argued if Kira could not adapt to my culture I would pledge to learn hers. I hung my head in instant regret  as soon as the words left my mouth. How could I leave Judy? She reacted to my thoughts of betrayal and I read her stunned, hurt features. Quickly I  slid up next to her for her reassurance as well as mine. How could I leave her for Kira?
But my love is strong, though I said no more. I reviewed my last few days on the road. I am not an amateur of the jungle. I have roamed in the Olympic Rain Forest and survived.
I hunted in the tall grasses and prowled under large fat ferns. I challenged  birds that screamed their warnings. In my heart I  was a big cat...until I had to go to the bathroom. I don't use the outside, public toilet, I like my own, but I am sure Kira could adjust to inside plumbing.

I have been everywhere. I would take Kira  to places she's never been. I'd  show her how to  leap higher than she's ever dreamed.

We'll swim the deepest rivers. catch the biggest fish.

And watch the waves wash upon the beach. Oh Kira, I love you. Oh, Kira, I need you.

Oh Kira, I will find the way back to you. Please wait for me.
Every Hour a Veteran commits suicide.
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