Friday, June 19, 2015

Staying Cool Means Being cool! Beat The Heat. 5 Ways to Beat the Heat

I complained  it was just too hot and my friends across the country sent their suggestions on how to beat the summer heat.

 Carla lives in St. Augustine, Florida  at The Alligator Farm. She schmoozes up to the tourists for discarded Fritos and chips, and cleans up stray bits of fish fed to the exotic birds that live at the facility. She claims she's never eaten store-bought food from a  bag, can, or pouch.  She keeps her shape by taunting the alligators.

We've shared many stories. She showed  me a picture of the crook in her tail from when she pushed one of her lives  to the limit,  barely escaping a  crocodile's jaws.

 I've shown her my own pictures of sunsets and landscapes from my travels across the country.


The unbearable heat  in the summer forces Carla to sneak into the caretaker's office where she spends her days  in front of the air conditioning.  She's considering going full time with an RV couple she met at the Farm. They're snowbirds and have invited her to join them. r I thought it would be a good move on her part, even if she had to eat kibble from a bag. She's not getting any younger and she only has so many lives to spare.

My squirrel friend, Twisty, lives in Kentucky. We are Facebook friends.  I hope our next travels take us to this beautiful state. Twisty warned me not to come in the summer. He’s lucky enough to have a family who has considered his discomfort during the sweltering heat. He says he lays there for an hour or two until the ice melts. It’s like when we Californians bask at the beach … kind of like that, only cooler.

 Rachael is a raccoon who lives in Springfield, Illinois. My mom’s hometown! Another Facebook friend, Rachael has invited me to visit this historic town, the home of Abraham Lincoln. This state, too, is on the itinerary for our next trip … but not in the summer.
Sir Bull  lives in San Antonio, Texas.  He answered my request  on how to beat the heat. “Get your folks to throw ice on the patio. Ooooh! So cool!”


And finally, my youngest fan. I call her Cute Katie.  She says being cool is a state of mind.
Stay cool everyone!!

Don't forget, 22 Veterans a day commit suicide. Educate the public!!

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