Saturday, November 23, 2013


 Every year  at this time, alone, curled up in a drawer or snug in the recesses of the linen closet, where no one can observe, I make a grateful list.  I rarely reveal this side of me, I'm  a private  cat. Reviewing  the year, noting my accomplishments and failures ( although the latter list is minimal)  clears my mind and encourages me to face the new year spitting and hissing. Family and friends always play a part in this annual review.

Goldfinger, my cousin in Vegas who  never had a thankful attitude,  demands what he wants and his people give it to him. He bragged  how he shredded the screen door when his folks brought home a kitten they rescued. They had  found the poor creature shivering in fear on the hot asphalt of the Vegas strip. Goldie, that's what we call my cousin, is not one to mess with.
This is my twin brother. We were separated  as kittens. He wasn't as lucky as me to find a warm loving home. He roamed the streets,  joined a gang and  was arrested and went to jail. It was behind bars  he worked his sweet talking meows on an elderly lady who had just lost her little Pumpkin to old age. He lives  a good life now  as you can see  but his time on the streets  made him bitter and not very thankful.

Aunt Callie sent me this snapshot to demonstrate her hunting prowess. Do you think she caught that big bird?

I ponder my family ties  this time of the year and I am thankful I turned out the way I did. My life is full. More charmed than any cat I know.
I have met a lot  of my distant cousins at our grooming shop, The Canine Beauty Salon . Some  travel a lot like me but none have their own private bathroom.
Last year Judy surprised me. She called it an early Christmas present. She took me out to the motor home that she has been loading up for our three month trip to Florida and  unveiled my very own lavatory.

That was a year ago. I've since  decorated it  with catnip and a pretty air freshener.  It's spacious and private. Before the addition it seemed every time someone came to visit, I had to go to the bathroom. It was quite embarrassing not only for the company but me as well.
We're going to put my name over the door.



My friend Pinto misses me every time I travel.. She wants to go too. No way. Not when I just got my own bathroom, I'm not the sharing sort.

Larry the lizard lives on our back patio and entertains me with his strange antics.  He is such a clown. I told him to be safe this year when I  go to Quartzite, Arizona in January.. He explained that wouldn't be a problem. He'll sleep til spring.
Judy's right family, friends and fans. That's life.  Have a great Thanksgiving. Maybe curl up after dinner with a good book?
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