Monday, September 24, 2012

Rabbit Hash, Casa Grande, and Bisbee

I told Judy I want to visit Rabbit Hash, Kentucky. A friend of mine claims the town has a general store that has been in operation since 1831 and that a dog is mayor. I don't know what kind of dog it is but I could run against him, hand out catnip  and win with a landslide of litter. The town is on the Ohio River and has been a trading center for the farmers in Kentucky and Indiana.
I  prowl the Internet at night while Judy sleeps but sometimes I get so excited from a discovery my tail twitches and I pounce onto her bed hoping to wake her so she'll come look.

I heard Judy talking to her friend Vickie in Florida today. They chattered on about how it was going to be so nice to see each other again. It worried me because Vickie was telling my mom about someone she knew who was riding her horse across country to raise money for cancer. She said the woman was just taking her time and it had been months since the woman had slept indoors.
  Judy thought that would really be an adventure. I just don't think I could do that. I still have nightmares from those huge animals in Tombstone, AZ. that pulled the stagecoach past our campsite.

But I don't think I have to worry. Every night in the motor home Judy snuggles  in bed with me and whispers  how great it is.. I don't think she's ready to rough it like the woman Vickie talked about.

I found this place on the Internet  that looks like it's right up my scratching post. It is called Casa Grande near Tucson, AZ.  If it isn't made out of sand I'll eat my cowboy hat. ( You haven't seen my calfskin cowboy hat, no? I'm saving it to wear when we stop in San Antonio, Texas.) 

About ninety miles south of Tucson is an old mining town called Bisbee. I don't know what is there for me to do but Judy will love the history and shopping. I'm sure I'll be tuckered out after digging around Casa Grande.
So I have researched Arizona and realize we could spend months touring  Tombstone, Fort Hauchuca, Kartchner Caverns, and Cochise country. My paws are itching to move on Next week I will concentrate on Las Cruces, New Mexico and begin to explore Texas. Any of you cats out there in cyber land have any suggestions?

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