Thursday, August 31, 2017

Life is a page turner.

Like a good book, life is full of good times and bad, the various events embedded among  its pages.  I worry over the stressful  times when the shiny bottom of  my empty food dish appears. And I'm thrilled by the  happy times when  a plate of smoked salmon lays before me,  or when I get to lick the cream that  clings to the rim of Judy's coffee mug. 
Sometimes life gives me  a fresh clean-smelling litter box when only the day before I  struggled the with a rank, crowded bathroom which  provided no place to squat.

 Life is a page turner. 

What makes me willing to face the real fears of life?  What pushes  me through those days of stinging,  sinus-clearing odors and  tummy growling  parts of life to reach  the happy, peaceful  side? What makes my life spectacular? 

Believing  the black, bad times pave  the way for warm, bright  places

                                                       Nature's beauty calms my  soul and quiets my  mind. I never tire of my life on the road.

River walks and hiking trails to stalk. Chasing red fallen leaves and lapping from blue mountain pools. Shivering in the shade of chilly, snow crest mountains and pondering and rolling upon the carpets of lush, sweet-smelling grasses.

I watch squirrels and rabbits scamper past our door and lizards bask on rocks heated by the sun. I contemplate my tail and why it twitches before I ponce on the big bug meandering across my path. And still, I dream of far off places.
Always the world, new and exciting  .... and scary, awaits when I venture out of my cozy, safe den on wheels. 

I wonder about life and what is to come. Will it be tuna or salmon tonight?
I never ponder more than a few hours at a time, because, really, that is all any of us have.

Look out the window, see what I see. 
Do you hear the water making its   musical waltz as it trickles or roars, or rushes on its way? Have you heard the thunder and lightning, exciting and stimulating as war drums?

My evenings are neon-lit sunsets my nights, fluorescent from a full moon or glittering from the limited light of a Russian moon.

   Go ahead look out the window and dream!

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Besides, my treats are running low.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Living a Big Cat's Life

I want to scratch the surface on how to live a purposeful life. My friends and readers aspire to live my Big Cat's Life like I am living. Some even envy me. Acceptance, and  if you cannot accept , the courage to change  are the keys  to my  Big Cat's  Life. 
Acceptance is a big issue these days. All I have to share with you is
my experience. I came from the streets of Sun City, California. No, it’s not like the Bronx in the seventies. But as a homeless kitten whose mother disappeared I might as well been in a war zone. I made it out, but I had to make hard choices …some that still haunt me today.

A she-cat, wiser and older, befriended me when I was hungry and frightened and missing my mom. Her scruffy presence proved she’d fought for what she had, which was meager.  A stick cave in a thick bush alongside an abandoned shack of a house. I’ve never forgotten Arlene. She shared her knowledge of surviving and taught this young tom about giving and caring.  We ate together and slept together. I snuggled up to her scent, which was sweet to me, and slept warm and safe. Her bravery and lack of bitterness toward her circumstances made it easy for me to love her.
She warned me, “Stay clear of the people! Hide!” But I didn’t
listen. As I sat on a cold concrete park bench, shivering in the rain, a do-gooder swept me up and cuddled me in his big warm arms. I felt so safe …and warm. Did I say how warm and safe I felt? He carried me off … and away from Arlene.

  I ended up with Judy and living a good life.  I had gotten lucky. Yet I have thought of Arlene often. I miss her still. I had fallen in love with her.  
I accepted my new life, perhaps because I didn’t have the courage to go back to the streets and search for Arlene. Life has a way of moving on. I will always feel bad that I left, not knowing how she made out.  
Regret is a path I choose not to follow. Cats live in the present. We accept reality. If I had gone back, who is to say what our lives would have been? What I do know is that my choices have given me opportunities to live a purposeful life. Arlene gave me that confidence. Through her eyes I discovered I was not a throw-away cat.  
Others, good or bad, come upon our path for a reason. Whether we scratch their eyes out, spray on their leg, or love them when others say it won’t work, how we react will determine how the scene plays out. 
Here is my scene. Laying in the grass, after playing with a
leaf turned golden by the change of the season. Studying the sway of the trees and chirping back at the squawking ducks. Peace and serenity. 

Make your choices and don’t look back.

Please check out my first book, ACTIVATE LION MODE, book one in The Feline Fury Series. Help me to carry the life saving message of this powerful book. 

Besides, my treats are running low.

Book One of the Feline Fury Series

And don’t forget to go to Judy’s Amazon Author Page to see all of our books.