Monday, September 17, 2012


Remember last week I was afraid to talk to Judy? Well, I told Judy my secret. She promised not to tell and I swore I would not reveal her reaction. But I am so excited. I saw her looking at the maps yesterday. I pounced on her finger as it traced a line along Interstate 10. I know what that means! But I can’t tell because it’s a secret.

We spent some time in the motor home last night after it cooled off. I jumped up in each cupboard and pointed out the inventory. We need laundry soap and quarters, more chemicals for the holding tanks, and paper goods, like plates, bowls and towels. Judy made a list as I rolled around on the microfiber throw rugs that are so soft. I am purring and pacing. I am not sure when what I can’t talk about will happen, but she promised it will.

It has been so hot this summer all I can think about is last summer in Wyoming, North Dakota, and Colorado. Oh how I miss those cool days. I have been complaining about the heat here in southern California to my friends I’ve met in my travels throughout the south. Maybe I should be more grateful for my air-conditioned crib when I look at the pictures they send.
This is Ricky from Quartsite, Arizona. Boy I know how hot it can get there in the summer.

Chipper begged to come for a visit  because  Lajitas, Texas is unbearable.

I had met Tiger at a campground near Carlsbad, New Mexico. She worked the reception desk of the campground. We shared alot of stories about customers and working with the public.

I met Bucko the Bulldog at a rest stop off I-10 in Mississippi once. I remember how great the weather had been but it was November. He wanted to show me that August was not for sissies.
I am purring a sigh of contentment just knowing what my future has in store. Meanwhile I'll finish out these hot days dreaming of adventures to come. I promised Ricky, Chipper, Tiger and Bucko we will meet again.

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