Friday, May 11, 2018

Happy Mothers Day from Sportster and Judy Howard


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I'm honoring my mom, Judy Howard,  this Mother's Day.  Because of her,  I am special. Not many cats have followed in my paw prints.

I experienced my first mother’s day May, 2005. I was eighteen days old and snuggling with my siblings and mom, who lived in a dirt cave behind the bushes that lined the golf course.  I only knew warmth, safety and a full belly. Life was good.

The weeks passed,I grew stronger, and my eyes opened.  I longed to venture out into the world but mom insisted I not go far.

When mom didn’t return from hunting mice on the golf course one night, I waited for her. My siblings cried. After several days my sister, the smallest, quit crying. Her silence prodded me to leave in search for mom.
I wandered the streets, hiding in shrubs when cars whizzed by, and scrambling up trees when the coyotes roamed the golf course. The cold desert nights made me shiver. I ate bugs and drank from the gutter. I was weary but could not stop to rest.

I must have dozed off when the man swept me up. Terrified, I squirmed but his big hands enclosed me like a cage.

That was the day my life changed. I met Judy. On that day I never dreamed  I would live the life I am living.  Ten mother’s days have passed. I know of no other cat who has walked in my paw prints.  This is a tribute to my mom.

Yes, the downside is that she is  a pet groomer. Baths are common and I complain a lot. But afterward I am soft, fluffy, and I smell like lavender.  have never had a flea.  
And she dresses me up. But I am a celebrity now. The demands as  co-author of Judy's first two books, my own blog, and my own book coming out this year are never ending.
Photo shoots are a necessity in marketing. We don't stay on the top limb without  a lot of caterwauling.

All in all, as I review my time with my mom, my life is full of adventure.

How many cats have considered kayaking? ...

... Or traveled across the country with their friends  Tweety Bird and Birdy Bird?

...or prayed on a mountain top?

Because of my mom, I have meditated along  the waters of Slidell, Louisiana.

 ... and researched the living habits of creatures my fellow felines have only known in their dreams.

And I have learned to look to the heavens . 
I've listened to my two  audio books ,COAST TO COAST WITH A CAT AND A GHOST  and GOING HOME WITH CAT AND A GHOST.

Thanks to you Judy Howard, I am the greatest cat in the world!!

So Mom,
This is for you.

I love you this much!!

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