Sunday, November 23, 2014


If you remember the other day while Judy was in the living room watching Blacklist, I revealed the first chapter of MY  book, Sportster's Adventures. I know the name  is generic, it is only a working title.

I've worked too long and too hard on Judy's last three books. So here is my plan. All I want to do is play. I'm going  to tease your senses, lure you in, and keep you pouncing.

Every week, I am posting  the first paragraph of a chapter from my book. Your comments will be welcome.
  This week I am offering up The first paragraph of Chapter Five from Sportster's Adventures. If you are new, check out my previous posts to catch up.



On the second day of the storm, they gave up waiting for the skies to clear. The cardboard sagged, heavy with rain, and the kibble bag, light and near empty, floated in a puddle. During those dim, dreary days Tattooman and Jawbreaker would drop in and listen as Guitarman shared his music. “My dad served in Viet Nam,” Guitarman said. “He described the jungles there, and I imagine Nam was a lot like this rain forest.” His hand slid over my back as a lay beside him. “Me, I did a tour in Guantanamo. And, it was like this. I don’t know about you, Bro.” He looked up at Tattooman.  “But I’ll be glad to get out of here. Stirs up too many memories.”  He strummed his guitar as he told his grisly tales.

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