Sunday, November 16, 2014


If you remember the other day while Judy was in the living room watching Blacklist, I revealed the first chapter of MY  book, Sportster's Adventures. I know the name  is generic, it is only a working title.

I've worked too long and too hard on Judy's last three books. So here is my plan. All I want to do is play. I'm going  to tease your senses, lure you in, and keep you pouncing.

Every week, I am posting  the first paragraph of a chapter from my book. Your comments will be welcome.
  This week I am offering up The first paragraph of Chapter Four from Sportster's Adventures. If you are new, check out my previous posts to catch up.



Stirring to the warmth of the morning’s rays, I moved my tail gingerly and licked my injury. Only a scratch.  I jumped down from my stump and proceeded on a secluded path toward Jawbreaker’s camp.  Everyone still slept. Again, I stole over to the kibble and water. I drank first, then nibbled on the few nuggets left in the bowl. Jawbreaker, wakened by the sound, raised his head.  His nose, more bloody than black, twitched. Red streaks tracked down his chin through his grimy hair and disappeared between his legs.  He started to rise, paused, and then stared as I licked his bowl clean. The dog turned to the man who didn’t move, as if looking for back up. I winked, enjoyed another long drink, and moseyed back to my perch in the forest.


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