Sunday, May 4, 2014

Play date and Oceanside, Ca.

The  folks at Canine Companions For Independence explained that the training of a service dog isn’t all about obedience.  Playing is important, especially for a nine week old puppy. My mom's friend, Julie April and her new puppy, Dahlia, have  begun their first week of Dahlia's adventure to become a service dog for the organization that raises dogs for veterans and people with disabilities. I participated in Dahlia's first play date.

We touched noses and butts and I proceeded to review the Cat 101 Rules of Play as I had demonstrated  the first time we had met. Dahlia, not yet ten weeks weeks old,  had forgotten all my instructions from our first session. Again, I repeated the guidelines, but as I did, she wondered off to investigate a piece of lint on the floor and … “Oh! Is that a bug?” She pounced on  what I could have told her was nothing.  Her tail wags back and forth like an inane creature without a care in the world. She shows no caution. How do dogs survive at all? 


I finally attracted her attention, I bopped her on the head.
She liked it and barked but barking is not acceptable and I retreated to the back of the couch. Dahlia, realizing I was out of reach,wandered off to explore the edge of a throw rug, grabbed it and began to shake it. Judy and Julie chimed in with their “don’ts” and “no-nos” while I observed.  Maybe I misunderstood, is the dog's name Dahlia, or Don’t?

I jumped down from my safe place and approached her once more. She wiggled with delight, but before she could clamp those needle sharp puppy teeth onto my tail,  I raced away, around the room, flying over the couch, the recliners and disappeared under the coffee table. I peered out to monitor how far she had gotten in the chase. Dahlia  still stood in the same spot, swiveling  her head, first one way  and then the other, looking for me. Dogs are so clueless. I called an end to the play date. I have no patience with inferiority.
Now we are camping in our motorhome in Oceanside, California. Dahlia went to her puppy class at CCI on Saturday and I hope it helps because I am losing patience fast. She is just too silly for my mature tastes, although here is a shot of her   in my motorhome acting like a grown up dog for five whole minutes.

After Julie and Dahlia went home to their fifth wheel. I explored  the campsite.


 The walk to the beach was teasing with ducks and squirrels. The weather perfect.

Life is good  at the beach.

 Stay tuned for more adventures. And don't forget....
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