Monday, June 24, 2013


 No I haven't killed any birds. Really? 

Seriously, I have another title to add to my resume. I have been trying to convince Judy for along time that I know how to attract the crowds. who could resist this face?

If Judy hasn't told you already ( check out her blog,     ) I am honored to take on the exciting task as her publicist. 

I  want to reassure every one of my qualifications as publicist. I worked as Snoop Dog's publicist for several years and made some big changes for him, the biggest, his new name, Snoop Lion. His new identity inspired the album, Reincarnated,  released in April. 

Snoop Dog, I mean Snoop Lion, can tell you my influence spiked his career to new heights. I am sure Judy will be amazed by the way her platform will soar.

I developed a few habits from hanging out with the rapper. I spent a lot of hours sitting in on rehearsals and sometimes, when we were just jammin’, I was allowed to fill in as a backup. Just thinking of all the good times my tail  twitches to the beat of his songs. My contract ended last year but sometimes, without thinking, I still grab my private parts.

Check out the the clip below from one of our rapping sessions. It was "the cat's meow. " We had so much fun making it.

I’m trying to break that bad rapping habit and keep my paws away from my private parts. It’s not a good move for a literary publicist.

I will be working closely with Judy's agent, Jack B. Sellinit from The Harley Rules Press.I have scheduled our first public appearance  and have asked her agent, Mr. Sellinit to accompany her. They will be attending the Canine Support Team Certification Event at the Promenade in Temecula. Veterans will have completed their two week training course to learn how to master their new companions.  What a great day it will be.
 High Noon on Friday, June 28th at the Promenade in Temecula.

Perhaps we will find a model for the cover of INVISIBLE HEROES. As head of the Cover Design Department I am still seeking applicants. 
Hope to see you there!

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  1. Boy, Sportster you sure have outdone yourself.
    Maybe we will see you at the mall.