Monday, June 3, 2013


My luggage is packed. I only have one bag. It holds all my belongings, cherished and those not so.

My brush: I like being brushed when I want to be brushed, not any more than that. I want to be brushed on the belly, my back, or my chest when my mood is mellow and everyone is observing how cute I am. I set the timer for five, ten, or fifteen seconds. If the brushing continues past the silent dinging of my timer, I have to run away. 
The brush is packed in case I am in the mood.

My hats: I have adopted Judy’s fashion style of wearing hats. A hat allows me to stand out in a crowd apart from other cats. My collection includes a Harley skull cap and an imitation calf skin cowboy hat. The timer is set the same length of time for donning the hats as for brushing.

Bandannas: The assortment of these accessories fills an entire pocket in my bag. My scarves represent my love of the holidays, Christmas, Halloween, and Memorial Day to name a few.
Jackets and t-shirts: Beautiful California weather prohibits the necessity for wearing anything but the coat I was born with, but sometimes for a photo shoot or book signing I’m forced to dress for the occasion. I own two Harley jackets, leather and Levi, and a Hearst castle t-shirt that matches Judy’s.

Treats and catnip, toys and more treats: No explanation needed here. Most toys are either feathered or stuffed with catnip.

Collars and leashes:  These are combo sets, one matching the other designed in Harley flames, rhinestones, or leopard patterns, except my favorite, the retractable lead.
The fore mentioned are the part of my wardrobe for public appearances but the retractable leash is for walks and exploration at campgrounds. I don’t go anywhere without it. Last January Judy forgot it under a cypress tree at the Elks club in Slidell, Louisiana. I was devastated when I had to borrow Tika the min pin’s until we made an emergency stop at Petco.

Of course I have my bed and carrier that remain in the motor home. The carrier came in handy when we were under tornado watch in Summerdale, Alabama on Christmas Eve. My food and essentials were packed alongside the carrier for quick evacuation if needed.
Today my things are packed  for our second annual Santa Barbara Writers Conference. I am excited. Here are some pics from last year. What a great place for contemplation an inspiration.

This visit we will be staying at the The Santa Barbara Sunrise RV Park 

I can’t wait to explore the grounds and enjoy Santa Barbara’s beach weather while Judy attends the conference. It is a busy time for her but I will try to keep you updated on all my adventures.  

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