Sunday, June 17, 2018

Take One Minute to Remember

Take One Minute To Remember

Today, as I do almost every day, I became quiet. I took a minute. Only a minute in which I thought about who has helped me become who I am. We all have someone who has loved us, cared about us and wanted what was best for us. We all have someone in our life who has loved us into being.

Because it was Father’s Day my thoughts turned to my mother who sheltered me and fed me when I was a kitten.  I never knew my father, but my mom made it work for me and my litter-mates   She swelled up twice her size and roared at intruders. She taught us to hide from strangers in the beginning when we were too young to judge between friend and foe.  She killed for us and we learned when to draw the line between play and the hunt.  I would like to believe my father was cut from the same pelt as my mom and that I carry his heroic and moral genes as well.

My mom taught me to help others because we are all in this game of life together, like the waves and the wind here on the Oregon coast.

For that one minute, as I do every day, I thought about my mom who nursed me and brought me into being who I am today. What ever happened to her I don’t know, but I hope she would be pleased to know the difference she made for me. 

Through her grace and strength, during the hardships of raising me, she taught me that I did not have to be king of a faraway jungle. She taught me that all I had to be was the kitten I was. She assured me that she loved and cared about me, and that she sheltered and fed because it was me she liked.  She allowed me to become the best kitten and cat I could be.

I learned that life is not about the treats, the prizes or the catnip toys that fueled the light inside me. Mom showed me that life is far more than all the trees I see, the scents I   smell, the soft, thick grass I walk upon or the bird songs I hear.

 Because of her I know in the deepest part of me that I can stand up for those invisible things, without which   animal and human kind cannot survive.

Because of her, I believe that love can conquer hatred, that peace can rise up over war, and that justice can prove more powerful than greed.
The platform of life and living she built for me is made of very good stuff.  It is the foundation from which I make my choices.
Take one minute and thank whoever helped you to become the best you are. You will sleep like a kitten.

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