Monday, November 9, 2015

Aliens, Greeks, and the tallest thermometer

Judy posted to her blog this morning about traveling solo. I’m insulted. My feelings are hurt, and my tail’s twitching. What about me? Sure I may sleep a lot, but at night when it is cold here in the desert I am as good as an electric blanket, better because I don’t draw any amps, which is important when we are boon docking and have no hookups. I am the entertainment when the days are long and she needs a break from editing my memoirs, which I hope will be released early 2016.  So what am I? Chopped liver?  Ah, but that’s the lead in to  my latest adventure.
We’re  in Baker, California waiting to meet  friends  before we head into Death Valley for The Death Valley 49ers Encampment .  In 2010 Baker’s population was reported as 739, which Judy says  probably has not increased and probably diminished.
After we  drove  the one mile tour of the town, our first stop was  at  Alien Fresh Jerky  where you can buy tasty, dried, strips of beef taken from the carcasses of cows abducted and mutilated by aliens. It’s the ultimate in recycling. The aliens do their experiments, and people driving Interstate 15 on their way to Las Vegas, Nevada can stop in this small town of Baker and get a tasty roadside treat. Aliens don’t abduct buffalo or tuna, or cats, THANK GOODNESS,  so you will only get beef at Alien Fresh Jerky.  

 The mysteries of our universe and beyond is the theme  here.




Before you  enter the store, newspaper headlines from Roswell, New Mexico and mysterious  outer space information is sealed under glass for the customer to study.
The display explains a message that was sent into outer space on November 16, 1974. It was transmitted through a light beam to a universe that is 25,000 light years away (star cluster M13) It would have to pass through many different solar systems that may contain life. The message contains the binary image representation of the five elements essential to life on Earth among other information.
The response, to the Arecibo message (on the right) composed by Frank Drake in 1974 was answered August 19, 2001. The aerial photo (on the left) of a field next to Chilbolton Radio Telescope in the United Kingdom shows a crop formation is astounding. It was very similar to the original message, but the binary sequence illustrating our DNA had an extra strand.
All of this is way over my cat ears, but I have had many lives and who is to say they were all on this Earth? Just saying…?   I will keep my eyes and ears open for more messages. Anyway, after Judy relayed her musings of alien messages the stories  had my mind swimming as I gazed into the glittering night sky and pondered the universe and all its wonders.
Oh, Cat Gods of the Universe, please make my memoirs a best seller. 


Next  door to Alien Fresh Jerky an  abandoned hotel  sat sadly, but still hinted of it’s glory days. My cat senses  envisioned the  thousands of couples on the way home from Las Vegas  checking in to celebrate  their first night as husband and wife. I can still hear the echoes of their  caterwauling.


If Baker, California is known for anything, it is the world’s tallest thermometer.  Finishing our thirty minute tour of the town, we parked in the large RV-Truck parking lot of The Mad Greek Cafe, across the street from the famous icon.


The Mad Grek Cafe, is open 24 hours, and had a pleasing curb appeal, and even a drive-thru. The menu includes breakfast of course . Judy said a trucker standing in line  claimed the Mexican food was very good and that  you have to believe a trucker. Salads and hamburgers were expected items, but they offered  a huge bakery section too. French and Greek pastries, apple turnovers and ice cream. Whew! All this was  unexpected in a tiny pass-by town on the way to Las Vegas.

From our vantage point in the rear of the parking lot, Judy and I watched tour buses, every one  loaded with Europeans,  constantly  roar in and release a herd of hungry tourists.  Spend a little time inside  and you'll hear German, French, and others I couldn't name.
 Dozens of welcome signs  in different languages adorned the walls and ceiling. The Mad Greek and his crew can communicate in an impressive selection of languages: American (pure Californian), English (some accent), Greek (ancient and modern), Arabic & Hebrew (weekends only), Chinese, Japanese, Hindu & Korean (by phone), French & Italian (Sicilian), Spanish & Mexican (pure), Turkish & Russian (friendly).

Our position in the parking lot appeared to be isolated. Did you see us behind the tree? But we had another motorhome join us for a couple of nights so that we weren't alone.

Judy visited with  friends she made at the Alien Fresh Jerky.


Me? I climbed into my magic genie lamp and traveled into my dreams of my next adventure, Death Valley. Beam me up, Scotty!!


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