Wednesday, November 5, 2014


 If you remember the other day while Judy was in the living room watching Blacklist, I revealed the first chapter of MY  book, Sportster's Adventures. I know the name  is generic, it is only a working title.

I've worked too long and too hard on Judy's last three books. So here is my plan. All I want to do is play. I'm going  to tease your senses, lure you in, and keep you pouncing.

Every week, Starting with the first chapter I will post the first paragraph of each chapter. Your comments will be welcome.
  Since you have already read Chapter One, I will repost the first paragraph  along with the first paragraph of Chapter Two.


My eyes sprang open.  Judy’s frightened scream joined the howls of the protesting motor home. My body slammed against the windshield. Tires screeched, mixed with the squeal of metal and squalling fiberglass. Airborne, our house lurched off the road, like the birds I envied. My body crammed against the windshield, which kept me insulated from the outside world. Jagged lines crawled and crunched across the once unobstructed view while branches, rocks and dirt pounded the varicose pattern until it gave way. Encased inside, we sailed, as if we would meet the heavens.  A sudden but sublime silence overtook, only to be broken by a crashing jolt. The vehicle squashed onto the ground and the tires exploded. My body flew through green scented air, not like small birds on the wing, but rather like the hawk on its deadly dive to earth for prey. 



Many of the creatures in the woods, I learned, existed on a nocturnal schedule.  Judy resisted any time I attempted to establish a similar routine, by refusing me entrance to the bedroom.  Well she wasn’t here now. Instead of waking with the sun, life in this jungle returned to their burrows, nests and decayed logs. I figured, an easy adaptation for me. I retreated to my rotted trunk, crouched within its caverns, and stared at the bugs that crawled its walls. They crept along their self-made tunnels, content to stay off of me.  I blinked to stay awake.


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