Friday, October 24, 2014


We have a winner! We have a winner!  From our very first drawing for a free audio book of GOING HOME WITH A CAT AND A GHOST.

I am proud to announce the results.

Because the word, “Free” has not spread throughout the neighborhood like crazy cats in the springtime…we only had two entries.

It is pretty difficult to perform a random selection with only two names in the pot. Soooo….


We have a winner! We have a winner!

That’s right we have TWO WINNERS!

Congratulations Shirley Wible and Din Milem . You are our first week’s winners of the audio book, GOING HOME WITH A CAT AND A GHOST.

Thank you for participating.  Judy and I hope you both enjoy your books as you hike in the hills, or  stomp it out on the treadmill, or on that long drive to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving.  Judy told me she would love for you to tell us how you listen to your audio books. Remember Audio books make a wonderful gift.


Next week’s drawing will be for the audio book, COAST TO COAST WITH A CAT AND A GHOST  This book is Judy’s (and mine, as the co-author) best seller. You will enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed helping her write it.  So spread the word, “FREE” to your friends and family.

 Audio books are trending these days. Great for working out, driving or soaking up the warm fall days on the patio swing.
All you have to do to enter the drawing for the FREE audio book, COAST TO COAST WITH A CAT AND A GHOST, is leave your name in the comment box. Good luck. And remember after the drawing your information will only be used to line my litter box.  The last day of this week’s drawing will be on Halloween, October 31st. I will announce ONE winner on Sunday, November 1st.
Happy listening and reading.
Please don’t forget about Judy’s newest release available as paperback or on Kindle. 
Every Hour A Veteran Commits Suicide.


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  1. THANK YOU for the audio book!!!! What do I have to do to receive it?