Sunday, July 20, 2014

Retirement and Ten Thousand Buddhas

Let me start off by saying that May 23rd I officially retired from dealing with dogs. Don’t get me wrong. I like dogs. At our grooming shop, I grew up with all sizes and shapes. The stocky pugs that were usually as round as they were tall made grunting sounds when they received a nail trim. The huge Great Pyrenees dogs who came to our grooming shop for their summer shave, I loved to roll in their hair as it fell to the floor. And, the happy little Shihtzus I kept on my play list. Oh, they were the best. We would roll around like wrestlers until I tired of the game,  then leap to my ‘just out of reach spots’ to observe the dogs’ silly antics of begging me back within pawing distance.

 I always enjoyed a slow march past the dogs’ cages with my tail pointing skyward as if they were non-existent. My soft paws noiseless in the quiet shop, I heard only the low conversations of the groomers cooing to their clients as they brushed and styled, the clicking of scissors and hum of the clippers.  Always at the same place as I meandered past the sleeping dogs, relaxed and dozing from their warm bath,  that they would sense my presence and the shop erupted into a nerve jerking,  cage rattling, roar of dog voices all scrambling futilely to engage in  an impossible chase. Over the din, no one heard me chuckle as my steady gait carried me down the hall and I disappeared into the break room.

Today dogs have no place in my home, in my life or with Judy. At the Canine Beauty Salon  they were my work-sisters and work-brothers. You know, like some of you have a work-wife or a work-husband?  NowI am traveling with four dogs….FOUR DOGS!

I hadn’t seen Tika since our trip to Florida and I’ll have to admit she has changed and I have been able to teach her where her place is in my life…away.

But Rocky, Kona, and Dahlia. Well they are a pack and, I’ll have to admit, they make me very nervous. We all know in the animal world, strength is in  numbers and I am out numbered. I’ve overheard Kona and Dahlia talking about the rabbits that met their demise under Kona’s swift paw and sharp teeth. I want no part of that gang  behavior.

But life here in Ukiah is quiet these past two days, the dogs their owners, Julie and Vicki, pulled out yesterday morning. Judy and I will catch up when the part for our refrigerator arrives Monday and gets installed.  But until then, I take  leisurely walks with Judy as she sips her coffee and  describes her delicious  vegan lunch at  The  Sagely City Of Ten Thousand Buddhas.

 If I had visited  the peaceful grounds,  I would have been convinced to become  a Buddha. I have the meditation down.
 Oops! That my yoga position, "Upward Cat."

I would have loved to meet this Peacock that roamed the grounds. Wow!



But I stayed home enjoying the new addition to our motorhome décor. This is a Rte. 66 Memory box from Judy's artist friend in Mendocino.  Thank you, Suzi Marquess Long. It looks so nice on our coffee table.


Down time is always great. Enjoy the Ukiah sunset.

Soon we will truly be on the coast.

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Every hour a veteran commits suicide because of PTSD.

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