Friday, January 10, 2014


The first week of the New Year  has vanished, not that time is of any importance to me. Judy has eaten her way through the holiday parties  and every morning she announces, “Today is the day we get into shape, Sportster.” That’s my clue to roll over on my tummy,

nestle into the bed covers and give her my loudest purring routine.  She  turns off the alarm wiggles deeper into the  down pillow top and rubs my belly.  After fifteen minutes  of that exercise , she stretches and I play pounce on the undercover toes.

This consumes another fifteen minutes and before we know it, the exercise routine I designed  is completed and  our day can begin.

I  began each day , first, by listening to Judy groan as she stepped onto the scale, second, by sniffing the aroma of brewed coffee, and last, by  checking my dish to insure  my cat kibble is in the shape of a  perfect mound. The food in  my dish must be heaping -  that is my neurosis. It  is born from my American roots. My comforts must appear  blatantly abundant. Thus, throughout the day, the week,  between naps, I beg for treats in order to prevent eating a dent into the teaming  hill in my food dish.

Judy ‘s schedule is filling up and taking form  for the new year - one week down and two seminars  completed. After her first, at the Ovitt Library, Judy is considering an  invitation to come back  in June to do another.
Thursday I slept in, enjoying the warmth inside the motorhome as the desert sun rose and the solar meter  responded signaling a full charge. We are connected to electric but it is always comforting to know -  if there is no electricity - well, you know, it’s like the  blatantly abundant thing.

While I slept in, Judy  completed her second seminar   here at the FMCA RV Rally  in Indio, Ca. With fifty in attendance, it was Judy’s largest audience at a seminar to date. I believe  they came to meet me, but her presentation was  informative and entertaining  enough that no one complained I didn’t  make an appearance. I like to keep a low profile.

With the seminars  behind her, Judy spent  the morning  browsing the many vendor booths and  the afternoon  sitting  outside, enjoying  seventy-four degree desert sunshine.

Judy read  a book from  Brenda Hill’s boxed set ,And Justice For Her,  a series of mystery, suspense, and romance thrillers while I rolled and stretched until the sunshine made me sleepy…again.

Saturday will be a full day of writing before  we head to Emerald Cove  in Parker, Arizona  on Sunday. I'm not excited about meeting  up with Judy's friend's Julie and her two dogs, Kona and Rocky.

Don't misunderstand. I like Julie and I like alot of dogs, but only if they they know their place.
 When Kona bounces up to me displaying an over exuberance and  dancing her poodle jig, what  is a sophisticated cat supposed to do? When they want to  intrude into my "stick" castle or my castle on wheels, invade my privacy,what can I say?.
Rocky and Kona have forced me to express my distaste for their bad manners and,still, they don't listen. I am humiliated.I  have my limits.

I am not excited. I'll keep you posted.

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