Thursday, October 31, 2013


Judy and Julie said good bye with hugs and safe travel wishes, and pats on the head for Kona and Rocky, while I watched from the dashboard, impatient to get on the road. I kept my “secret sadness” hidden behind my regal, unconcerned attitude.

 I would miss Rocky and Kona, especially Kona, she was such entertainment. But they had to go home, head west, while we turned our wheels east. I don’t know why Judy seemed so sad, she still had me.

We headed for the SKP Saguaro RV Park in Benson, Arizona. I kicked back for a few days exploring our clean, peaceful campsite. 
I smell s rabbit!!

Where is that rabbit?

 Judy waited for the government to settle the budget issues. 
 Judy got caught up on her writing, laundry, and quality time with me.
After four days we headed out for Deming, New Mexico, ready to continue our adventures in New Mexico.
When we arrived at The Dream Catcher RV Park I knew something was wrong. Judy rushed to park, plug in and went to bed. She never takes naps so I cuddled with her knowing she did not feel good. Saturday and Sunday passed with no improvement. We slept a lot, not unusual for me, but I wasn’t accustomed to Judy’s new behavior.
The sun had not come up when Judy rousted me from the warm blankets and I watched her stow away everything for travel. She only drove across town and parked in a near empty parking lot in front of a sign, “Emergency Entrance.”?? What was going on?
The hospital was small, one story and Judy parked the motor home close to the emergency entrance. 

She locked up the motor home and went inside. I perched on the dash and looked out into the dark.
Trucks pulled up with flashing lights and people scurried around. I studied the movement for a long time as I waited for Judy’s return. What if she was so sick, she wasn’t coming back? What would become of me? I could wait a long time, Judy had filled up my dish to overflowing.
An hour and a half later Judy  came through the doors and approached the motor home. My heart skipped a beat. Everything was going to be okay! She gave me a huge hug and I felt her relief as I hid mine and squirmed out of her grasp.
I listened as Judy explained to her sister on the phone that after tests and a super duper shot of antibiotics, she would soon be on the mend from a bladder infection. 
“I can’t say enough for  The Mimbres Memorial Hospital,  my nurse, Mena, and the doctors.” Judy’s voice was high with excitement as she talked to her sister. “They kept me updated on the process, explaining it took thirty minutes for tests to process. They just didn’t stick me in a room and leave me wondering if I’d been forgotten. Mena was the best. If you want a good nurse she’ll be traveling to the Los Angles Children’s Hospital to work there for  for thirteen weeks and is  considering the new Loma Linda Hospital in Murrieta, California next.”

Judy drove back to the campground and we spent the rest of the day resting and napping. Being sick on the road was scary. I’m glad that’s over.

We had arrived in Deming on a Saturday and on Tuesday morning we were back in the saddle again, headed for the biggest litter box I have ever seen in my entire life!!

The White Sands National Monument near Alamogordo, New Mexico.

The motor home looks so tiny in this gigantic litter box. It's too much to comprehend. 

We moved on down the road.

And the next stop, the biggest Pistachio I have ever seen at McGinns Pistachioland in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Stay tuned for more adventures as we make our way to the Alien Capital, Roswell, New Mexico.


  1. I'm so glad to hear Judi was okay, those kind of infections can be very painful as well as scary. You were a very brave boy out in the waiting, parking lot. She's lucky to have someone like you in her corner. Tell her that I hope she's felling all better again.

  2. Glad you had the good sense to get medical help. Take care! (you have me looking at campers).