Sunday, October 6, 2013

Boats and Bridges

I’m not much of a reader. I’m more into catnaps, although lately I've been listening to our audio books. Judy told me Lake Havasu City made its mark on the map when it purchased every granite brick from the London Bridge that spanned the Thames in London, including the ones chipped and pocked by shrapnel from World War I. Every piece was numbered and hauled through the Panama Canal to be rebuilt in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. That’s an enormous feat for my feline brain to conceive, since I have people to do my bidding, I rarely strain a paw.  
We arrived in Lake Havasu City in time for Judy and Julie to embark on a sunset cruise that took them under the London Bridge, around the lake, and into the Topock Gorge.
 Julie’s two dogs Kona, a standard poodle, and Rocky, a Pomeranian, went on the boat ride, too. Really? Dogs are not cool.

 Judy was so excited when she told me about meeting a group of eight journalists visiting from various countries - London, Paris, China and Brazil – As you can see, Kona and Rocky made their contribution to international relations. 


Sophie, a journalist for the Daily News, a National publication out of London, hit it off with Kona while the gal from China cradled little Rocky throughout the entire cruise.

Our tour ended at sunset. Enjoy the scenery.
Lake Havasu.

And the highlight of the tour - The London Bridge.

The following morning I did my yoga stretch, rested and refreshed after a silent night with no wild burros. Judy pulled out of Campbell Cove Campground. We were off to get our kicks on Route 66.
Our destination, the capital of the Hualapai Nation, Peach Springs, Arizona.  Again Judy, always the great tour guide told me that located in this small town on historic Route 66 is the only road that traverses sixteen hundred feet down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. It is there that her rafting adventure will begin the next day. 

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