Wednesday, October 17, 2012



Happy Halloween. I am sporting my new outfit and it’s a hit.
I don’t do the trick or treating thing but I am always up for attention. In fact I fancy my expertise in training the staff at the grooming shop to   jump to my meow with treats, hugs and kisses. And they do, even though sometimes I scoff at the kibble they sprinkle and always resist the affections they offer. I am proud and confident that they are here to serve me and life is good.

I am always open for learning new things. When I mentioned to Judy that I was anxious to meet my friend Tika’s new companions, Birdy and Tweety Bird,
she warned me that I couldn’t just pounce on them, that they are quite flighty. So I put out the word to my peeps on how to handle the meeting. And one of my loyal followers sent me these step by step instructions.
Step One: Introduce yourself.
Step Two: Shake hands.
Step Three: Give a hug.
Step Four: Give out compliments and high fives.

Step Five: Enjoy your new friend's company.
Step Six: Rest assured, following these steps, you now have a friend for forever.


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