Monday, August 27, 2012


What do you think about me now? I know how to give the right look, the right purr and the paparazzi go crazy over me. I know it is the younger, cute kitten side, but hey, if it sells books?
You can read the entire article on Judy's Blog.

Judy and I are in limbo. The manuscript has been sent off to the publishers at Createspace. They are editing the manuscript, designing the cover, and creating promotional text for GOING HOME WITH A CAT AND A GHOST. The projection for publication is the end of October.

 INVISIBLE HEROES, book number three, involves a lot of interviews with veterans, dog trainers, as well as inmates who are also involved in the training of service dogs. If we get enough press about the book I might get lucky enough to meet Tuesday, Luis Carlos Montalvan’s service dog. Judy read Luis’s book, UNTIL TUESDAY, to me. It moved me and educated me and I am excited that Judy has become involved. As our men return from Iraq, more and more veterans are diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Check out Luis’ book at You will not be sorry.
And if the opportunity to touch paws with Tuesday doesn’t manifest itself, perhaps I will rub fur with Dean Koontz’s golden retriever, Trixie, whom he acquired from Canine Companions for Independence. who have a local chapter in Oceanside, Ca.

Koontz’s book, A BIG LITTLE LIFE, is also an eye opener about service dogs. You can find Dean’s book at ) who knows? Anything’s possible.

For now I lounge around a lot enjoying the lull. I sneak on the computer and prowl the Internet when Judy sleeps. She is so involved, I feel compelled to begin research for our trip to Florida in November. She freaks if I lay a paw on the keyboard, so I wait until the early morning hours.
During my research I began corresponding with Krishna the Cat. This poor cat from India has inherited a large sum of money but needs an American bank account number before he can get the money he needs so desperately. He says he’s been forced to sleep with fleas, and hide in alleys to avoid animal control. It sounds like he has a really miserable life. He sent this picture. He is on his last leg and if I don't help....well you can see he's in bad shape. He says he just can't go on.
 Stories like this make me glad I’m an American cat. I am thankful for the American soldiers who have given everything just for me to have the privilege to beg for treats, sleep in air conditioning, and be able to plan an consider an extended adventure sniffing and chasing bugs and birds all across this great country. God Bless our veterans.  I only hope the vision we have for our book INVISIBLE HEROES will become all we hope it to be.


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