Sunday, June 3, 2012


I spent my morning on Memorial Day as a lump in the bed. Judy told me she didn’t need my assistance until she’s had her coffee, checked e-mail, and went for her hike. She’s told me she would enjoy my company on her walks but I prefer a slower pace, investigating the smaller details - the scents, bugs, and lizards that she misses when she strives to get her heart beat up.
Her schedule was to write most of the day. We’re fine tuning our main character in our second book, Going Home With A Cat And A Ghost. Our fictional heroine, Judy Howard, who’s also my heroine in real life, has evolved into a strong character even though the nightmares of her past haunt her.Our heroine’s past molded her into the woman she is today.
I have learned this because I watch a lot of Oprah and Dr. Phil. When Judy tells me she plans to go out, leaving me home, I sit calmly on the kitchen table and stare expectantly. I don’t move, not even my tail. I hope this tactic influences her, but Judy will explain why I can’t go, “You’ll have to wait in the car and it's too hot” or, “We’ll be gone too long and places don’t have bathroom facilities for cats.” But she interprets my stare as longing and loneliness, so she turns on the television to keep me company.
At noon I crawled out from under the covers and padded in to the office. Judy did not look up but began chattering about the scene she had rewritten. Our main character was on her last day on the road, excited and anxious to explore new avenues – one new avenue actually, Brad. It sounded good and I was pleased we were progressing along in our story.

I finished out my week which was split between greeting customers at the grooming shop, sending Judy off to two critique groups, overseeing the packing for our trip to Santa Barbara Writers Conference, and listening to Judy rehearse for her workshop at the Grace Mellman Community Library.
Next week in Santa Barbara I'll report from my favorite home - the one on wheels. Keep on purrin'.
Krissie - Judy - Charlie at the Grace Mellman Community Library in Temecula, Ca.

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