Monday, June 25, 2012


If any of you think my life is charmed let me clarify. Yeah sure, lately I purred in many scenic and inspiring places. I contemplated my life, the life of birds and bugs, sometimes I even consider others, but only when they pertain to me.
For example, in Evanston, Wyoming. I sat outside the Wizard of Winnebago at the Phillips RV Park and marveled at the varieties of birds and trees. I gazed at the yellow belly of a meadowlark, his song warbling in the Aspen above as he attempted to lure me from his nest I discovered in the tall grass. His musical voice fascinated me as I sniffed the clean fresh air. At times like these I meditate, really day dreaming defines my thought process better, but the point is, my imaginative juices flow. I think of being free, with no responsibilities, unleashed of the duties  that tie me to my work at the grooming shop such as, presenting my stuff to  customers, teasing the terriers, or arranging play dates with the puppies. On the road, megabytes are bugs toiling in a microscopic world of dirt and software is my bed that invites scents of mountains and forests to make my naps blissful. Yes, it seems my existence is charmed, I am living it by the luck of the draw, or shall I say the lucky like the day I was scooped up by the man who wore bright white Sketchers and smell of Tide and delivered me to The Canine Beauty Salon.
But I know nothing is by chance or the whim of the Gods. What I describe is a small part of my life. Ninety percent of my life and  ninety per cent of my personal assistant, Judy’s life, has been long hard hours of discipline and dedication.
As a cat I possess an innate sense of the ebb and flow of the universe when I observe my environment. Up high and unnoticed, over the years, I studied Judy’s business. The long hours we invested at the shop left little time for purring or cat napping. I oversaw the operations as Judy soothed the ruffled feathers of customers whether they be a canine or human.
Nothing comes easy. I struggled on the streets of Sun City before I came to Judy. I would  have been dissatisfied with the confines of this life if I had not experienced a life of hunger, thirst and loneliness. Likewise, Judy has met the challenges of her business with the grace and confidence of a champion. She’s Best of Show in this cat’s eyes. Now it is time to climb new trees, explore new hunting grounds and play. I want to assure Judy that she and I must go with the flow or we stagnate, our joints stiffen, preventing us from leaping to new heights.

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